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439: Garrett Hill on Gardening in the 21st Century

Maximizing growing potential by gardening out of the box. – Garret Hill loved gardening using grow bags so much, he made it into a business. Today we talk about starting a business, the benefits of grow bags, how they work, and some of the cool things Garret is growing in them. We also dive into the WiFi controlled watering system he recommends to all his clients and how it allows him to conserve water and integrate technology to improve his farm to table gardening.

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The Six Week Greenhouse

By Guest Blogger: Joel Karsten – For northern gardeners, starting vegetable plants as early as possible is key to a productive and successful food garden, since sometimes it seems we only have about a three-week growing season! That might be a slight exaggeration, but certainly gardening in the north is challenging. One of the key advantages of the Straw Bale Gardening method is…

Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson

Bonus Episode 25: Seed Saving Class February 2019

A chat with a seed expert sharing highlights from the 2019 Seed Summit – There is always a bounty of information available in conversations with Bill McDorman. This is the February 2019 episode of a Seed Saving Class – with Special Guest Belle Starr. Listen and learn about highlights from the epic…

Podcast 430: Lee Perry on Fleet Farming

430: Lee Perry on Fleet Farming

Helping urban farmers grow food in other people’s yards. – Lee Perry passionately shares the progress of the Fleet Farming movement and how it is strengthening Florida communities. This collective farming movement is an awesome way for gardening novices and interns to get…

Thomas Tuoti on Growing Mushrooms at Home

429: Thomas Tuoti on Growing Mushrooms at Home

Minimizing food waste and improving soils by growing fungi – We learn the ins and outs of growing mushrooms at home with Thomas Tuoti. Listen in for the difference between mushrooms and mycelium as well as how to use them to build your soil. Mushrooms are the composting tool we never…

Chad Chase of Arrandale Farms

428: Chad Chase on Urban Farming as a Business

Building an urban farm dream – We are joined by Chad Chase, co-owner of Arrandale Farms and Urban Grounds Coffee Company. Chad has built his 2.5-acre farm from scratch, and now farms fruit trees, field crops, alpacas, and chickens. Listen in to hear how he’s building his…