2023 Fruit Tree Program Launch

Mark your calendar for Sept 10th!
An educational event FULL of Free Fruit Tree knowledge…

5 Speakers, multiple videos, Free Prizes, tree bundle pricing
and virtually everything you need to know to successfully grow fruit trees!

FREE Webinar Classes With Live Q&A (every fall!)

"What you need to know before you buy a Fruit Tree"

Updated classes!

Greg's favorite thing to grow is a fruit tree - you plant it once and reap a bounty for decades. But did you know that you can go into every big box store and most nurseries and they will sell you a fruit tree that will never make fruit? The selection of fruit trees that you can grow is vast – peaches, apples, apricots, plums, pears, citrus and more – but not all fruit trees are alike and discovering which ones work in the desert and how to pick a perfect fruit tree for your yard can be challenging. Join us as we help you navigate the key information you need to make the best decision for you and your space.

"Planting, Watering, and Fertilizing Your Fruit Trees"

Updated Classes!

The long term health of fruit trees in our extreme desert climate depends on three aspects of loving and caring for your fruit tree: Planting, watering, and applying fertilizers at the right times. Plants need to eat and drink daily just like we do, so fertilizing them once a year just isn’t enough. In this webinar we will dig into getting your fruit trees planted for success, discover Greg’s 40 year old watering methodology, observe Janis’s soil types and watering solutions, and learn how to properly fertilize (both foliar and granular) your trees for ultimate success.

Leveling up your Fruit Tree Care

A new class on personalizing your tree care routine

We have been teaching how to care for trees for many years and with the extreme weather lately we’ve personally had to level up our care to adapt. Through years of research and experience, and the help of our trusted fruit tree experts and mentors, we learned what is working for fruit trees in our extreme climate. In this class we will explain what the basic level of care is for your fruit trees and how to level up and get healthier, more productive trees. You can decide which level you are ready for based on your time, experience, and financial commitment.

What Supplies do I need for my trees?

Navigate the Urban Farm Store to get the best deals

We strive to be very clear in our classes that you will spend as much on your planting supplies and supplements as you do on the tree and have very specific guidelines for fruit tree success in extreme climates. In this class we cover all the supplies you need to ensure your fruit tree investment pays off, and help you figure out how much you need and when for the quantities of trees in your space. This includes planting mixes, supplements, fertilizers, foliar feeds, watering devices, chlorine filters and so much more.