The Urban Farm
Leadership Team

Greg Peterson

Creative Foundation

Farmer Greg is the creator and chief visionary of The Urban Farm. Anything Urban Farm probably started in his head.

Greg lived at his home the Urban Farm for 30 years before moving to North Carolina in 2022.  The Urban Farm was Phoenix’s first environmental showcase for growing food in an urban setting in the southwest desert. Greg is also the creator of the Urban Farm Fruit Tree Education program which he began in 1999 when he discovered you could go into most nurseries and they would sell you a fruit tree that would never make fruit.  Back then the program was a yearly spring time education series on best practices for growing fruit trees.  Since then it has turned into a program where thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona attend free online and in person classes and preorder fruit trees for planting in the low desert.  Each year the program delivers over 5000 fruit trees into the local market. 

Janis Norton

Janis Norton

General Manager,
Community builder

Janis is the General Manager at The Urban Farm. Here she oversees several major projects including the Fruit Tree Education Program, The Urban Farm Podcast, the annual Permaculture Design Course, as well as the online educational classes, chats, and summits. She came to the Urban Farm as an intern while earning her degree in Sustainability from Arizona State University. Using her organization and project management skills to help facilitate a couple of The Urban Farm’s larger events, she also took on managing the 2nd Annual Great American Seed Up. She was motivated to learn all she could about gardening and urban farming, eventually becoming a Master Gardener and PDC trained. While Greg is the visionary at The Urban Farm, Janis is the Implementer – using her superpowers as a project manager to make things happen and keep them on task.

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Our Rockstar Supporting team

Doreen Pollack


Doreen Pollack

Social Media

Raymond Jess


Ray Jess

General Store mgr
Permaculture Team
Gardening Content


Tayler Jenkins

Programs Support, Program manager Emeritus

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