Urban Farm U is all about Empowering You!

Have you ever wanted to free yourself from the disconnected nature of our industrial food system? To take control of your health, connect to the earth, and foster a more enriching life.  Well you can do all this and more simply by growing your own life-nurturing food. At Urban Farm U we provide the inspiration, knowledge and tools that promote and encourage healthy lives and environments so you can pursue your goals and dreams of a healthier life with a community of people who care.

Urban Farm U Helps You:

  • Gain the knowledge for a healthier, happier you
  • Plant the seeds for growing healthier food for life while gathering knowledge for an abundant future
  • Gather food wisdom for your world for your life
  • Energize your food evolution

What you learn you can:

  • Grow healthier food for a happier you that will nourish your life and transform your world.
  • Understand the processes of nature and how to integrate them into your life
  • Join the real food revolution
  • Gain your food freedom

How you can learn:

  • Online through Free Monthly Chats and Webinar events which are 45-75 minutes long and cover a variety of useful topics
  • Online through our popular and empowering Urban Farm Courses taught by key educators on important skills and concepts toward growing your own foods

Join the urban farming revolution today.
Grow your own food, gain greater freedom.

Learn! How! Now! with Urban Farm U


About Urban Farm U

  • At Urban Farm U, we believe growing your own food creates a happier, healthier life. It makes us feel better and contributes to a healthier planet. Our current food system is broken. The lack of nutrition, proliferation of environmental toxins, and average distance our food travels to our tables, has reduced its nutritional density. This contributes to a stressful life and the potential onset disease that follows. By growing your own organic food, you can eliminate the toxins in your food, reduce your stress, and reconnect with nature — your source of true sustenance.
  • At Urban Farm U, we teach how to easily grow food no matter where you live. You gain the understanding, the tools and terrain-tested techniques to be successful. This is your knowledge for life, served from the ground up. And, you become a member of a community of people who grow food because they know it’s essential for a happier life.
  • Urban Farm U is a platform to share your successes and failures so you can go farther, faster, and at less expense.
  • At Urban Farm U, we plant the seeds of knowledge so you can grow food for life. You can free yourself from a broken food system by becoming self-sustaining and reclaiming your authority to choose the food you consume. You can nourish your body, your spirit, and the earth we share.
  • Become an urban farmer and join the real food revolution! Learn how, now!

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