Kudos and Testimonials

We could not keep doing all this – the courses, the events, the podcast, the Fruit Tree Program and everything else without the feedback we are getting.  Thank you so very much for these kind words!

“You opened up my world, thank you so much!!!! Since [I’m not on] Facebook it took your podcast to make me realize there are other people all over the world doing great things! You do the fieldwork for me, interviewing all those great people. I am so grateful! It all started with “How to speak chicken”. That absolutely made my day and I am hooked ever since. In the meantime, I ordered books from Jessica Walliser, Catherine Bukowski, Brad Lancaster and Gabe Brown …. Now I just need the time to read them. Please [continue] to educate and inspire all of us, thank you so much. Best regards,”

– Yella, R., from Munich, Germany

You opened up my world

“I absolutely love your post of June 12, interesting and so inspiring. You are 1 of the 2 people in Phoenix that has changed my life the most.”

– Nancy K., from Phoenix

Changed my life the most

“In three half-hour bursts a week, this incredible and prolific off-shoot of Urban Farm U is a powerhouse among farming podcasts. Host Greg Peterson, along with his wonderful array of guests, provides a new interview and a subsequently new perspective on urban farming in every episode. You will learn the ins and outs of beekeeping, bartering, composting, backyard chicken farming, permaculture, plant breeding and just about everything in between. A farmer favorite, and a great source of knowledge.”

— Excerpt from Jesse Frost’s Article “7 Farming Podcasts You Should be Listening to” on Hobbyfarms.com

A powerhouse among farming podcasts

“Oh My Goodness!  DeBorah was fantastic – I could listen to her all day – thanks for introducing such a delightful lady to us.”

–Elaine M

I could listen all day

“Greg, I think ate about 8 Desert Gold peaches today. They’re soooo good! I planted my tree in 2016. I can’t thank you enough for the fruit tree program and…” read more

I think ate about 8 Desert Gold peaches today

“I am thankful for all you do. You have on so many great guests. I wish I had time to listen to them all and intend to try.”


You have so many great guests

“I was so completely surprised when I called my husband at 6AM and he said that he was listening to a podcast. Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given him to come along side me more with my desires for our farm. <3 You have no idea how much this meant to me this morning!”

–Miranda J., Buckeye, AZ

My husband listened to the Podcast!

“The practical guidance is wonderful – and I am an experienced gardener!  The resources, videos, guests and your enthusiasm for the subject add inspiration and depth. You have re-ignited my love for systems theory too.”

-LC G. from Phoenix, AZ on Jump Start Your Urban Farm

You have re-ignited my love

“I loved all of the attached resource materials in addition to the webinar. Kari and of course Greg are very knowledgeable and have hands on experience.”

–Mary Lynn K. from Phoenix, AZ on Growing Food The Basics

I loved all of the attached resource materials

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am a recent Earth and Environmental Studies graduate from the ASU Spring Class of 2015. A few years ago (Spring of 2014) I took your Sustainable Food and Farms class as an elective for my Sustainability minor. Even as an Environmental Studies student, I had never really … read more

I took your Sustainable Food and Farms class

“I will definitely take more classes!! Total mind shift from this class!!”

– Michelle on Jump Start Your Urban Farm

Total mind shift!

“I would recommend this class [Jump Start Your Urban Farm] to everyone because the passion you have for the permaculture principles presented has impacted my thinking and will shape my future plans and actions!”

-Valeriee from Houston, TX

The passion … has impacted my thinking

“The fact that you guys are so knowledgeable made the class very helpful. I liked the level of detail you went into. That is very much needed by those of us who will be starting and operating our own systems. Thanks!”

— Mary C. from Fort Worth, TX
on Aquaponics Revealed

I liked the level of detail you went into

“Very knowledgeable presenter [Chad Hudspeth] and questions answered fully.  Yes, definitely would recommend [Aquaponics Revealed]

–Rick I. from Goodyear, AZ

Definitely would recommend Aquaponics Revealed

“Toby Hemenway is an eloquent, experienced, thoughtful, and inspiring instructor. Couldn’t ask for better. Class materials were excellent and will keep me reading this winter. Urban Farm had its act together with the webinars and posting materials. The class helped me … read more

Couldn’t ask for better

“Thanks for the Creating the Permaculture City course. I really got a lot out of it, and will be sharing much of what I learned with my family during this holiday season.”

“I thought Toby was a great presenter, and Greg was too, and I want to purchase more of their permaculture resource materials. I am recommending this to my family, and I wish I could have watched the presentations with … read more

I am recommending this to my family

“Seed Saving School Online is an awesome course. After completing this course I have a better understanding of the importance as to why we should… read more

I have a better understanding

“Hi there Greg.

I discovered your podcast a few months ago and I’m enjoying it immensely. All your guests are very interesting and I love hearing about how others garden. I especially enjoyed the interview with Perrine Herve-Gruyer and I ended up buying their book Miraculous Abundance.

I live with my husband and two children in Adelaide, South Australia. It’s a city of a little over 1 million people and we live about 6km from the CBD in the inner suburbs. We are lucky to have…” read more

It’s amazing how much you can grow in a small space

“Hello Greg and team,

This is an out-and-out fan letter. Probably my first and I’m not young!

What a wonderful resource you provide!

I subscribe to your podcast and just finished…. read more

This is an out-and-out fan letter

“The energy and passion expressed was awesome and the amount of information is perfect.” [Growing food the basics]

–Kimberly D.,  Davie, FL

The energy and passion expressed was awesome

“I found it [Growing Food The Basics] packed with information and greatly appreciate that I will be able to return to the replays to review again and again as needed. I did greatly appreciate the warm conversational interaction between Greg and Kari in the teaching process. I would indeed recommend this course to others.”

–Mary Alice B., Phoenix, AZ

I found it packed with information

“Hi Greg, A friend in the Phoenix area put me onto your podcast, and I’m grateful. We live in the Des Moines, Iowa area, and after 30 years serving as pastor of local congregations, I — along with my educational administer wife — followed the … read more

Thank you for the encouragement and continuing education

“Greg, this is awesome – and just what I needed. I have done taken some of your online classes, have toured The Micro Farm, and have experimented a lot with what I’ve learned from all of your Webinars, etc. I am sharing as much as I can with … read more

This little book is a simple solution for beginners

“We first want to start with thank you for inspiring us to grow food. As new parents of twins we had a small goal of growing some food for our babies, now we have lot. Recently my twins stepped into the garden… read more

My wife almost cried…

“I Love your podcasts! Inspires me to truly believe you can have a farm anywhere! You truly can bloom wherever you are planted!!”

— Lynn M. from Racine, WI

I love your podcasts!