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While you might not know Goodness Grows Organics as of yet, if you’re on this page you’re going to. I'm Greg Peterson and two years ago My sweety Heidi and I moved from Phoenix, AZ to Asheville, NC, where we purchased a 4-acre plot of land and since then have been diligently turning it into a farm and a place to grow a lot of our own food.

In this Podcast interview of Greg: he discusses the process of growing fruit trees, focusing on his experiences in Phoenix, Arizona, and Asheville, North Carolina. He emphasizes the importance of selecting the right varieties for each region and the need for ongoing care that’s a lot simpler than most would assume. Greg also points out the genetic diversity of fruit trees and the long-term benefits they provide before sharing resources for learning more.

How much should you be paying for your fruit trees? That is really a good question. I’ve been playing with and planting fruit trees since 1974 in the low desert, so I have seen a lot! Recently Janis and I got a crazy impulse and decided to

This week's video is the next step in developing the back yard. We have gate! Our privacy fence is now complete with the addition of a gate. I built it using the same thought process as the fence (horizontal slats) and oh it turned out incredible!

Today, April 21, 2023 represents the anniversary our first 365 days on our new farm in Asheville, NC.  It has been exciting...

Mesquite Recipes From: Peggy Sue Sorensenof The Desert Kitchen Check out other mesquite videos at Peggy Sue Sorensen has been enjoying the

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