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Farmer Greg under a tree

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice, in short bite-size episodes - Greg invites Crystal Stevens on our show to illustrate the seven dense layers of a food forest and the important role each layer provides to an ecosystem. From the top canopy layer to the microbes under the soil, Crystal points out how...

A chat with an expert on Seeds. - In This Podcast: This is the March 2021 episode of a live Seed Saving Class discussing the many varieties of umbels, unique characteristics of onions and garlic, as well as so much more on aspects of permaculture as it relates to saving seeds.

Farmer Greg under a tree

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice, in short bite-size episodes - Farmer Greg chats with Anthony Dominguez, the co-founder and C.O.O. of Hykreations, a company that produces liquid soil amendments and fertilizers. Anthony informs us on the process of foliar feeding and why trees and plants will...

Jeffrey Smith in red shirt

Raising public awareness about gene editing - After attending a lecture on GMO’s twenty-five years ago, Jeffrey Smith could not help but feel concerned about the future impacts of genetic engineering on ecosystems. Jeffrey speaks on the growing intensity of GMO contamination in all aspects of life and...

Farmer Greg under a tree

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice in short, bite-size episodes - Greg Peterson chats with the Urban Farm General Manager, Janis Norton, as she shares the story behind how her and Greg met, what led Janis to the world of organic gardening, and how she...

Using tested methods to plan garden planting. Discovering the science-based facts behind companion planting, Jessica Walliser captivates us with her expert knowledge on the unique benefits that arise when pairing plants together. Jessica explains how companion planting can be used as a strategy to...


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How to Host a Mini Seed Up

Sharing seeds with your friends and neighbors. Imagine walking into a room filled with over 100 varieties of seeds ready to literally be scooped up and taken home for planting or saving. This is exactly what the Great American Seed Up is all about. Although we can’t get together in big groups in person this year, sharing seeds is still possible. We’ve reorganized to create our Seed Up in a Box so that you can host your own Mini Seed Up with social distancing in mind.

Make a big difference in your garden. The passion and urgency that inspired the Victory Gardens of World Wars I and II are needed today to meet another threat to our food supply and our environment—the steep decline of pollinators. Want to help pollinators and create a beautiful garden? Here are ten tips from...

Eleven Ways to Share Seeds

Sharing seeds is the key to strong community gardening. If you have extra seeds to share, here are 11 ways to help everyone get growing while still social distancing.

Our Statement on Human Rights. This is a message from our founder Greg Peterson: Hello urban farmers, Standing in a parking lot yesterday I was reminded of this on a billboard… “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” — Desmond Tutu

Delicious, easy and yummy sourdough bread by Conni Cisek. This is the handout for the Sourdough Class we gave in our online Victory Garden Classes.

Growing Berries Q&A

Growing Berries Answers by Jason Johns. Jason was our presenter for our 31st Daily Gardening Class on Growing Berries.  We were not able to have him present for a live Q&A, but as promised he quickly responded. The following are the questions submitted in that class and his answers.