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Farmer Greg under a tree

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice, in short bite-size episodes - Greg kicks off this episode with answering two questions from our listeners that focus on aspects of looking at pest management from a different angle. Tying into our main focus, Greg shares with us the concept of understanding natural pest management and...

598: Tommie Hockett on Sharing Seeds with Friends. Splitting a Seed Up In a Box with six others and building community resilience.

Farmer Greg under a tree

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice, in short bite-size episodes - Marlene Simon, host of the Flower Power Garden Hour Podcast, joins us this week as she uncovers the truths and busts the myths about blossom end rot. Marlene explains how many people believe the issue stems from a...

Improving our body's resilience to environmental and emotional stressors - This week we delve into the world of saliva research as we speak with Patti Milligan on the importance of healthy saliva production. Patti describes how our saliva production can be impacted by the foods we eat and when we eat those certain foods that create...

Farmer Greg under a tree

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice, in short bite-size episodes - Greg invites Brian Wells, host of The Homestead Journey Podcast, to share with us how he defines what it means to be a homesteader. Brian describes homesteading as a lifestyle that has evolved into the modern era where its definition depends...

A chat with Kristin Parsons - We visit with Kristin Parsons who helps us explore the beneficial concepts of permaculture design and how to integrate functionality into the outdoor living space. We cover the important components of...


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GrowPHX moves back to The Urban Farm GrowPHX has been an exciting local project focused on community building around growing food and

How to Host a Mini Seed Up

Sharing seeds with your friends and neighbors. Imagine walking into a room filled with over 100 varieties of seeds ready to literally be scooped up and taken home for planting or saving. This is exactly what the Great American Seed Up is all about. Although we can’t get together in big groups in person this year, sharing seeds is still possible. We’ve reorganized to create our Seed Up in a Box so that you can host your own Mini Seed Up with social distancing in mind.

Make a big difference in your garden. The passion and urgency that inspired the Victory Gardens of World Wars I and II are needed today to meet another threat to our food supply and our environment—the steep decline of pollinators. Want to help pollinators and create a beautiful garden? Here are ten tips from...

Eleven Ways to Share Seeds

Sharing seeds is the key to strong community gardening. If you have extra seeds to share, here are 11 ways to help everyone get growing while still social distancing.

Our Statement on Human Rights. This is a message from our founder Greg Peterson: Hello urban farmers, Standing in a parking lot yesterday I was reminded of this on a billboard… “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” — Desmond Tutu

Delicious, easy and yummy sourdough bread by Conni Cisek. This is the handout for the Sourdough Class we gave in our online Victory Garden Classes.