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Permaculture is a way of thinking as well as a system of organizing intelligent ecological and ethical design. It does not focus on the elements of sustainability in themselves (for example the details of organic living, eco-building, appropriate technology, community building, green finance, or rainwater harvesting), but on the beneficial relationships between these elements. It goes further, focusing on how they are put together to make them as energy efficient and sustaining as possible, for people, the planet and our ecosystem.

Over 30 years ago a postcard landed in my mailbox about a Permaculture Design Course or PDC. To this day I am not at all sure how it found my mailbox, but I remember clearly standing in my front yard here at the Urban Farm reading it and getting chills. I immediately ran inside and ...

Staking new trees.

Staking your New Trees By Janis Norton General Manager, The Urban Farm. Did you just get a new fruit tree? If so,

Empty tree hole with dirt mound surrounding it

The Fruit Tree Program's Updated Planting Recommendations. Here at The Urban Farm Nursery, are very aware that the conditions our trees face these days are hotter, drier, and harsher. We've experienced losses and struggles too and know the heartbreak of having to remove a tree that did not thrive. We are also hearing from our customers who share their concerns, asking us to help out to save their trees. We care too much to not do something about it and help our customers take the steps towards fruit tree success.

It can be a little unnerving to come across something that looks like vomit in your yard.  I had to do some serious double checking the first few times I saw in my yard since I do not have any pets that have access to the yard and researched this topic quite a bit.  Here is what is happening...

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