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The Urban Farm Podcast is your connection to the food revolution with twice-weekly conversations with some of the best and most innovative regenerative farmers and home gardeners out there, interviews with up and coming urban growers, and inspiration from healthy-food visionaries around the globe. All of our podcast guests are making a difference to create a better tomorrow and we believe they will inspire you to do the same.

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Lindsay Allen

532: Lindsay Allen on Rooftop Farming

Growing food on top of a hospital. – In This Podcast: Hospital food isn’t always the best cuisine, but Lindsay Allen is working to change that at Boston Medical Center. Listen in to learn how a hospital rooftop farm is improving hospital food to make it more nourishing as well as feeding the community through…

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530: J. Brown on Yoga’s Evolution

531: J. Brown on Yoga’s Evolution

Watching the world of yoga change from underground to mainstream. – In This Podcast: Many of our listeners find inner peace in their gardens but after this interview with J. Brown, you may find yourself wanting to explore the therapeutic nature of yoga. Not all yoga involves the complicated…

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530: Urban Farm’s Response to COVID-19

Addressing the significant conversations happening in the world. The world is changing almost daily around us. With change comes new needs, focuses, and learning. Greg Peterson and manager, Janis Norton, discuss how the Urban Farm is adapting their programs to…

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529: Seed Saving Class February 2020

A chat with an expert on Seeds. – In This Podcast: You don’t want to miss the February 2020 episode of a live Seed Saving Class discussing how to start plants from seed with special guest Kari Spencer. Listen in for methods of starting seeds, things to…

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528: Jane Rabinowicz on Global Seed Work.

528: Jane Rabinowicz on Global Seed Work.

Transforming the food systems of the world through good seeds and sustainable practices. – In This Podcast: Did you know that seeds help communities rebuild after a crisis? Here, we speak with Jane Rabinowicz about her work with the Canadian organization SeedChange. Their support for…

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Ray Speakman

527: Ray Speakman about Farming Instead of Retiring.

Starting an urban farm to keep young the later years. – In This Podcast: Have you ever wished for more gardening space? So did Ray Speakman when he took early retirement. But instead of just wishing, he recruited neighbors for their land and made his farming dreams a reality! Listen in to learn how he went…

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Jane’s Favourite Vegetable

Jane’s Favorite Vegetable. by Guest blogger: Jane Rabinowicz of SeedChange. It’s green, grows on trellises, and it’s my favourite vegetable. On a recent trip to Timor-Leste, I was ecstatic to find my favourite veggie growing on trellises around the home of local Batara village leader Tomas Pinto. Even better, I was treated to a lunch that featured the delicious vegetable.

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Healing my Lyme through farming.

Healing my Lyme through farming.My name is Allie Borovik and I have chronic Lyme disease. This is my story of healing Lyme through farming and food. My healing journey spanned seven years of doctors’ appointments, tests, antibiotics, herbal supplements, and frustration. For years, I was told I wasn’t sick; that there was nothing…

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Pollinator Gardening Tips

Pollinator Gardening Tips by Guest blogger: Jaime Pawelek. Gardens can serve many functions in our lives, but they can also help conserve valuable wildlife, including pollinators, like bees, butterflies, wasps, flies and hummingbirds. Not only can you grow your own food and medicine, but you can cultivate a garden that supports pollinators at the same time.

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The Case for a Rewarding Garden Vegetable

The Case for a Rewarding Garden Vegetable by Jay Tracy. After investing years of work into trying to grow tomatoes and other finicky vegetables in my desert southwest garden, I often felt frustrated until I came across a vegetable that grows delicious fruit without much effort in areas where few other palatable vegetables thrive. Vegetable gardening does not need

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How to “Level Up” Your Garden by Choosing the Right Seeds

How to “Level Up” Your Garden by Choosing the Right Seeds –by Tayler Jenkins of Urban Farm University. Are you choosing the BEST seeds for your garden? How do you know? Is it because they’re organic, heirloom, or non-GMO? What if I told you that you can grow fruits and veggies even more nutritious, delicious, and resilient than those from your favorite seed catalog… without spending a dime?

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RECIPE: Green Grass Salt

by Guest blogger: Kimberly Kling — If you live and garden in a warmer climate, you have probably had a run in with this grass. It’s very prolific. It is originally from Africa, is fast growing, dark green, and creeps via underground and above ground runners. In my garden, I’ve at times waged war …

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