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The Urban Farm Podcast is your connection to the food revolution with twice-weekly conversations with some of the best and most innovative regenerative farmers and home gardeners out there, interviews with up and coming urban growers, and inspiration from healthy-food visionaries around the globe. All of our podcast guests are making a difference to create a better tomorrow and we believe they will inspire you to do the same.

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Farmer Greg under a tree

619: Margaret the Condo Gardener

A Farmer Friday Reflection by Greg Peterson: In This Podcast: Greg tells the story of Margaret, who simply walked around her neighborhood and began her transition from food consumer to observer, and finally to gardener. She thought she was looking for a place to grow food. What she found was…

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618: Wildflowers

A Chat with a Seed Expert. – This is the June 2021 Seed Saving Class discussing wildflowers. Bill McDorman draws on his 28 years of careful observation as he shares expert tips for successful wildcrafting and planting of wildflower seeds, including mistakes to avoid. He also clears up some common misconceptions about…

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Farmer Greg under a tree

617: Water Harvesting At The Urban Farm

A Farmer Friday Reflection by Greg Peterson: Farmer Greg’s sustainable, regenerative water harvesting system has him singing in the rain, even in the desert. Greg explains where the water comes from and where it goes, and he gives details about how he collects and distributes it. He also gives a formula for calculating …

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616: Tara Nolan on Revamping Raised Bed Designs

Bringing New Life to Gardens — In This Podcast: Tara Nolan encourages us to grow edibles in whatever space we have and shows us how to think outside the 4 foot by 8 foot box when designing raised beds. Those who don’t have (or want) a full vegetable garden will appreciate her ideas for…

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615: Getting Started with Greywater

A Farmer Friday interview with Laura Allen: Greg talks with Laura Allen from Greywater Action about a great way to get more life out of our water – by sending water we have already used in our home out to our garden instead of down the drain. Laura reveals the easiest…

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614: Jenn Frymark on Growing Fresh and Closer to Home

Looking Outside of the Box for Garden Growing — In This Podcast: Jenn Frymark has grown fresh produce in some very unexpected places, so she is a firm believer that everyone can grow fresh and close to home, wherever home might be. She explains how she took this belief a step further and started Gotham Greens, using her hard-earned expertise to find out if…

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