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The Urban Farm Podcast is your connection to the food revolution with twice-weekly conversations with some of the best and most innovative regenerative farmers and home gardeners out there, interviews with up and coming urban growers, and inspiration from healthy-food visionaries around the globe. All of our podcast guests are making a difference to create a better tomorrow and we believe they will inspire you to do the same.

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This is just a few of our most current episodes!

480: Kevin Espiritu on his Apocalypse Grow Survival Challenge

Experimenting with living off existing food sources for difficult times. — In This Podcast: We followed up with Kevin Espiritu to hear the results of his Apocalypse Survival Challenge. Could you survive for a whole month only eating what you grow, fish, barter, or forage? Hear how Kevin used his 200 square foot gardening space, community foodscapes, and trade to…

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479: Katie Fiore on Apple Abundance

How to get creative with 80 pounds of fruit. — In This Podcast: We are back with returning guest and team member, Katie Fiore to talk about getting creative when your yard gives you an excess of food. While many people fear abundance, she embraces the creativity it allows and shares a different way to look at cooking…

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478: Matt Lebon on Foodscaping

Transforming ordinary spaces into beautiful, food-producing landscapes — In This Podcast: Entering college without much direction, a life-changing experience in Paraguay helped Matt Lebon find his place in the global food system. Now, he runs a custom foodscaping company making spaces beautiful and edible. He shares about hands-on education in …

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477: Joe Yonan on Documenting the Culinary Experience

Conveying observations from the kitchen, the dining room, and the garden. — In This Podcast: Journalism and food have been major themes all throughout Joe Yonan’s life. In this podcast, learn about how he got involved with food at a very young age, his journey to food editor, and what a food editor actually does. Joe also shares about learning to …

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476: Kimberly Kling on the Impact of Herbs

Inspiration through nature’s bounty of nourishing plants. — In This Podcast: Working in a desk job and knowing that it was not a good fit, it still took Kimberly Kling a little while to build up the courage to do something different.  Eventually she found herself on a path to learning about herbalism and has finally found …

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475: David Barrow on Sustainable Urban Farming in Texas

Farming for a local restaurant and a rapidly growing community. — In This Podcast: It was not a direct path to this destiny for David Barrow, but running a sustainable urban farm in Austin Texas has been his biggest success. With many regenerative and sustainable practices in use on the farm it is no wonder the soil is …

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This is just a few of our most current articles and recipes!

RECIPE: Green Grass Salt

by Guest blogger: Kimberly Kling — If you live and garden in a warmer climate, you have probably had a run in with this grass. It’s very prolific. It is originally from Africa, is fast growing, dark green, and creeps via underground and above ground runners. In my garden, I’ve at times waged war …

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Foliar application of microbial products

by Guest blogger: David Stark — The critical importance of microbes (bacteria, fungi and protozoa) for soil health finally is becoming more widely recognized.  In response, a plethora of microbial products are hitting the shelves. Since most of the microbes sold are soil microbes, a common and logical question is…

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Wicking Beds 3.0

Things I learned about wicking garden beds – by Team Member: Ray Jess — When I was introduced to wicking beds almost four years ago, I became obsessed. I have built them at home, for friends, and even built a few on contract. I enjoyed giving suggestions and recommendations to anyone who …

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RECIPE: Garden Escargot

by Guest blogger: Molly Watson — Those snails in your garden aren’t just edible, they are the authentic ingredient for classic escargot—snails in garlic butter. Once you’ve captured them (if your garden has snails, you know to look on the underside of furniture and under large leaves to find them) and purged them as outlined…

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Investing in our Food System

by Guest blogger: Chris Rawley — Like many kids from my generation, I grew up in the suburbs and ate frozen dinners in front of a boxy, wooden TV with a handful of channels. I didn’t know what was in my food, how it was produced, where it was grown, or who produced it. Then after college, I joined the …

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