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The Urban Farm Podcast is your connection to the food revolution with twice-weekly conversations with some of the best and most innovative regenerative farmers and home gardeners out there, interviews with up and coming urban growers, and inspiration from healthy-food visionaries around the globe. All of our podcast guests are making a difference to create a better tomorrow and we believe they will inspire you to do the same.

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798: Cami Prada on Being a Beginning Farmer

What if it was time for you to leave your corporate life and jump into a life of farming? Well that is exactly what Cami Prada did. She left her life in Miami to start anew in a small town in North Carolina. Now she works at a farm that has an honor stand and with the bee lady working her booth at the farmers market…and is finding life much more fulfilling.

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797: John Collet on Growing From Home Gardener to Market Gardener

John Collet is a long distance runner that decided after a lifetime of hobby gardening to jump all in to market gardening, without knowing he was doing it. After successfully growing a ton (literally) of food and listening to the Urban Farm Podcast he decided to jump in to his local farmers market and boy was he surprised and pleased.

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796: Rebecca Newburn on Documenting Seed Libraries

Join Rebecca Newburn as she shares just what a seed library is and her organizations efforts to document where they are. They have had incredible success in first encouraging people to start seed libraries and now to document their world wide spread, in many different countries and languages.

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795: William Horvath on Permaculture Farming in Croatia

Join William as he shares his story of growing up in war torn Croatia in the early 1990’s then exploring Australia and discovering permaculture first hand from David Holmgren. And finally he tells how he returned home to start his own permaculture adventure and educational platform.

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794: Kristin Parsons on Guilds – A Rosie Replay

A Rosie on the House Radio Show Replay.Kristin Parsons joined us for our monthly Rosie on the House Radio hour talking about plant guilds. What is a guild you say? It is a beneficial collection of purposely planted plants that self generate in the future. Ya know kinda like nature does. She also share the 7 components of a guild…Enjoy!

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