Location & Pick-Up Instructions

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Status on ORDERING:

Deciduous: Taking Pre-Orders at this time. January pick up.
Citrus: Taking Pre-Orders in Sept. Oct. Pick up.

Our Nursery address is 4549 N. 7th Street, Phoenix.

Scroll down to “Pop Up Nursery Location & Parking Instructions” for more information and a map

Our Pop Up Nursery has a unique schedule.  We will be open for tree pick up in October and January. Scroll down for more details.

We have a process to ensure an efficient, supportive, and proper order fulfillment takes place when you come to the lot. This starts with scheduling your appointment about a week or two ahead of your pick up.
We are keeping safety procedures in effect to maximize your experience while still maintaining Covid Safety 

Scroll down to “Pick Up Day Details & Instructions”

If you need to judge the size of a citrus tree for planting, or even just to pick them up, Click HERE to see some examples.

We are open to the public during program event dates only.
This is not our permanent address as we
borrow this building for the Pop Up Nursery.

4549 N. 7th Street, Phoenix AZ
South east corner of 7th Street & Meadowbrook.
(Not accepting mail at this location)

Street parking only, on Meadowbrook Ave & side streets.
Special loading zone available after order is gathered. 

Our awesome Tree Crew will prepare your order and help you load your vehicle. Senior Tree Crew members can help with your tree planting questions.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 44434, Phoenix, AZ 85064

Pick-up in October 2021

for pre-order purchases including CITRUS TREES, Compost, Planting Mix,
Woody Mulch, Fertilizer, and more*

Pick-Up In January 2022

for pre-order purchases including bare root DECIDUOUS TREES, Compost,
Planting Mix, Woody Mulch, Fertilizer, and more* 

We ARE currently scheduling pick up times for DECIDUOUS
Pick Updates start January 13th.
Visit www.TheUrbanFarm.as.me/pickup


Check in with table at the gate during these hours.
*Depending on inventory

Keep scrolling for map & address

If you have never picked up trees from our program we can tell you it is a busy, yet very supportive process. Things are changing a little with coronavirus safety in mind – but most of it will stay the same. 

BIGGEST CHANGE: We are setting up pick up appointments – go to www.TheUrbanFarm.as.me/pickup to pick the time that works best for you. This link will only offer pick up times when we have established our pick up dates and time slots.

Each time slot for pick up is first come, first served, so check in is still the first step upon arrival to get in the queue. 

Step 1: CHECK IN at the table by the gate to be entered into our queue. This is where we pull our paperwork on your order and place it in order of check-in to be assigned tree crew members to assist you. Let us know if you want to choose your trees yourself, or if you would like us to make a selection for you. 

Step 2: When it is your turn, your name will be called by our friendly tree crew who will confirm the details of your order(s) and assist you selecting your trees and gathering your items. While you wait for your name to be called, you can shop in our General Store or peruse our available stock identified with pink tags. To save time you can pay for any additional items before we call your name and our tree crew will gather those items when filling the rest of your order. 

Step 3: We will do a double check of the order pull slip(s) at the gate before you leave to help ensure your order(s) were filled correctly, then we can help you load your order in your vehicle.

Changes for Safety concerning the Coronavirus

Many of our customers and several of our staff are either in the high risk category for Covid, or they have immediate family members who fall in this category. Since our expertise is in growing food and not in managing communicable diseases, we are choosing to enact common safety procedures to the best of our ability. We appreciate your willingness to work with us to keep everyone safe. 

Mask required while on lot: All staff and visitors will be required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while on the nursery lot.  If you do not wish to wear a mask, you can use our curbside pick up.

Social Distancing: We ask that you respect a 6-foot distance from each other while in line, and while on the lot. We will manage the number of people on the lot and the number of people in the General Store as needed.

Curb Side Pick Up: We are offering a less-interactive option as our primary pick up method this year. Once you check in and we pull your paperwork, you can wait outside or in your car until your order is called. We will confirm a few details then we will gather your order to bring it to you. We will let you know when your vehicle should be brought to the gate.

Keep scrolling for map & address

Zoom mini-presentations and Q&A with Greg Peterson and Janis Norton.


-2022 Schedule-
Starting at 6pm AZ/MST year round



“Planting, Watering, & Fertilizing”
on January 11th

Guilds – Nature’s Buddy System”
on February 8th  

“Thinning Fruits for Better Harvests”
on March 8th  

“Help! My Tree Does Not Look Right”
on April 12th  

“Preparing for Summer Heat”
on May 10th  

“Harvesting Summer Fruits, Extreme Heat”
on June 14th 

“Summer Watering – is this enough water?
on July 12th 

“Summer Pruning
on August 9th 

“When is the Best Time to Plant Citrus
on Sep 13th 

“Proper Staking, How to Grow a Strong Tree
on October 11th 

“Irrigation Check – is this too much water?
on November 8th 

Pruning Deciduous Trees for Success”
on December 13th