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NEW CATALOGS for 2022:

Download our Full Color Catalogs with details on all of our Fruit Trees, Links to our Store, Updates on our Specials, and Nutrition Schedule. Our new General Store Catalog includes new information on all of our supplies, a Supply calculation worksheet, and extended Nutritional Program information!!




Our education is designed specifically to lead you on the path to success! Everything you ever wanted to know about choosing, caring for, and harvesting from your trees - with updated and new classes for 2022.
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Working with selected growers, you can be confident our inventory is the best choice for planting in the low desert of Phoenix.
All live plants and large items are for
local pick-up only - no shipping.
Online Ordering:
Citrus Limited Pre-ordering in Aug-Sept for September pick up.
Deciduous Pre-ordering starts in September for January pick up.



The Urban Farm Pop-Up Nursery opens seasonally twice a year right before planting season for you to pick up your orders, extra supplies and see what's new. Check dates and location here to find out everything you need to know.
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The 23nd Annual Fruit Tree Program

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Educational Videos

Fruit Tree Blog & Podcasts

722: Donna Balzer on Growing Lemons for Profit

Making a little side income growing citrus in the Pacific Northwest. – Do you wish you could grow citrus but live outside of California or Florida? Donna Balzer is growing lemons in Canada and she loves to teach others how she does it. She and Greg discuss all the juicy details, covering topics…

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695: Joshua Burman Thayer on Food Forests for First Timers

Making growing fruit trees easy and affordable for beginners. – Joshua Burman Thayer believes everyone can and should grow food, but with so much to learn, it is easy for a beginner to get overwhelmed. Where do you start? What do you really need? Where should you spend your time and…

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658: Mike Biltonen on Regenerative Orcharding with Climate Change

Growing fruit trees while adapting to changing climates. – Mike Biltonen explains how he applies pre-industrial farming principles to help food farmers plan for the unpredictable weather that affects their crops. He remains a positive voice in the often negative conversation surrounding climate change, and advocates…

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Don Titmus on What Is Permaculture

Permaculture is a way of thinking as well as a system of organizing intelligent ecological and ethical design. It does not focus on the elements of sustainability in themselves (for example the details of organic living, eco-building, appropriate technology, community building, green finance, or rainwater harvesting), but on the beneficial relationships between these elements. It goes further, focusing on how they are put together to make them as energy efficient and sustaining as possible, for people, the planet and our ecosystem.

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Empty tree hole with dirt mound surrounding it

Fruit Trees: New Challenges Require Better Preparations

The Fruit Tree Program’s Updated Planting Recommendations.
Here at The Urban Farm Nursery, are very aware that the conditions our trees face these days are hotter, drier, and harsher. We’ve experienced losses and struggles too and know the heartbreak of having to remove a tree that did not thrive. We are also hearing from our customers who share their concerns, asking us to help out to save their trees. We care too much to not do something about it and help our customers take the steps towards fruit tree success.

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