Fruit Tree Program

Education designed specifically to lead you on the path to success!

The 20th Annual Fruit Tree Education Program is here!

The 2019-20 Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program runs from August 2019 to February 2020.  It starts in the fall with our official Launch Extravaganza on Saturday, September 7th, which is followed up with many fruit tree classes offered in person, online, and as prerecorded options.  We offer an opportunity to pre-order “Urban Farm Approved” fruit trees that are specifically selected to thrive in the low desert. The Urban Farm Pop-up Nursery itself is open on select days in Oct & Nov (citrus), and Jan & Feb (deciduous) for you to pick up your new trees and to get what you need to get them planted, watered, fertilized and nurtured. (Scroll down for more information)

Not sure where to start?
Here is everything you’ve always wanted to know about choosing, planting, and caring for fruiting trees, bushes and vines.

Still have questions?
Join us at one of our interactive classes and get down to specifics.  We want you to succeed!

Ready to order?
Click here to go to our secure shopping cart, and check out the possibilities!  If you’re not sure about where or what to plant, we offer phone consultations with Greg.

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We’ve come a LONG way from those first classes held in Greg’s living room in 1999. Since then we have helped at least 30,000 fruit trees get planted with thousands and thousands more to go!

Why plant fruit trees in your garden? Two words: fruit and trees. Fruit trees provide maximum benefit with very little effort. Plant a fruit tree once, and it will provide for you for YEARS to come. Not just fruit, but cooling shade, mulch for your yard, and a habitat for beneficial insects & birds.

And growing trees is simple! Just follow the arrows above to get started.

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Order your soil, mulch, amendments and tree care merchandise through our General Store.

Next-to-Last step is to pick up your trees at the Nursery!  This is a BORROWED location that will be set-up and ready for you to pick up your trees.

Please plan on picking up your citrus trees in October, and your deciduous trees in January, for best success.  We will have exact deciduous dates after we have confirmed the delivery.  Click HERE for more information.