Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program

Welcome to our 2023 Fruit Tree Program:

We are in the progress of updating our Urban Farm Fruit Tree Education Program for 2023.  The way our program works is that we offer fruit tree education throughout the year with monthly fruit tree chats online and then in the fall we launch our full course of fruit tree bootcamp classes.  Then, just like with a pumpkin lot at Halloween, we open at the perfect time to plant. Generally we are only open for about 20 days per year for you to pick up your preordered fruit trees.  However we are here for you every day at fruittrees@urbanfarm.org.  Below are the list of our 2022 catalogs which are very close to our soon to be updated 2023 catalogs




Our education is designed specifically to lead you on the path to success! Everything you ever wanted to know about choosing, caring for, and harvesting from your trees - with updated and new classes for 2022.
Let's get planting!



Working with selected growers, you can be confident our inventory is the best choice for planting in the low desert of Phoenix.
All live plants and large items are for
local pick-up only - no shipping.
Online Ordering:
Citrus Limited Pre-ordering in Aug-Sept for September pick up.
Deciduous Pre-ordering starts in September for January pick up.



The Urban Farm Pop-Up Nursery opens seasonally twice a year right before planting season for you to pick up your orders, extra supplies and see what's new. Check dates and location here to find out everything you need to know.
Let's get you loaded up!

The 23nd Annual Fruit Tree Program

Get your 2022 Deciduous Fruit Tree Catalog today!

Educational Videos

Fruit Tree Blog & Podcasts

632: Growing Fruit in Small Spaces

Don’t Let Yard Size Determine Your Harvests. – Are your fruit trees an experiment or an investment? Christy Wilhelmi talks about the steps needed to ensure that the fruit trees you plant in your yard are an investment that bears fruit. She covers every stage of the process, including planning your…

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What is this gross stuff in my yard?

It can be a little unnerving to come across something that looks like vomit in your yard.  I had to do some serious double checking the first few times I saw in my yard since I do not have any pets that have access to the yard and researched this topic quite a bit.  Here is what is happening…

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Farmer Greg under a tree

625: Old Growth in a Food Forest

A Farmer Friday interview with Zach Loeks: Greg talks with Zach Loeks about old growth. Most of us think of redwood forests or the Amazon, but Zach explains how the concept of old growth also applies to food forests. Learn what old growth is and listen as Zach paints a beautifully vivid picture of…

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Farmer Greg Steps Out…On Redesigning Systems

Farmer Greg Steps Out…On Redesigning Systems…: Farmer Greg Peterson has stepped out of his podcast studio to join other podcast hosts in conversations to share his vision across the globe. Greg is usually the one to pick people’s brains about their great ideas, but now Greg is in the hot seat as he speaks about…

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606: Crystal Stevens on Regenerative Urban Farming

Bringing gardening methods full circle: We learn from Crystal Stevens about the many inexpensive ways to build a regenerative and edible landscape using natural resources. Crystal describes the different possibilities that can be incorporated into any size…

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