The 21st Annual Fruit Tree Program

We are actively taking orders!
Citrus orders due by Sept 18th
Early Bird Deciduous orders due by Nov 7th



Our education is designed specifically to lead you on the path to success! Everything you ever wanted to know about choosing, caring for, and harvesting your trees with recorded, online, and in-person classes.
Let's get planting!



Working with selected growers, you can be confident our inventory is the best choice for planting in the low desert of Phoenix. All live plants and large items are for local pick-up only - no shipping.
Online Ordering:
Citrus Limited Pre-ordering in September for October pick up.
Deciduous Pre-ordering starts in September for January pick up.



The Urban Farm Pop-Up Nursery opens seasonally twice a year right before planting season for you to pick up your orders and see what's new. Check dates and location here to find out everything you need to know.
Let's get you loaded up!
The Fruit Tree Program Is...
all about educating YOU!
Since our inception in 1999, we have been providing quality education
and events specifically for the care of your fruit trees here in Arizona.
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We LOVE Fruit Trees!
Summer = Foliar feeding and topping off mulch!
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Early Bird Season is now OPEN!
Limited supplies on some varieties
Citrus orders due by Sept 18th,
Deciduous Early Bird orders due by Nov 7th
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Fruit Tree Blog & Podcasts

452: Kanin Routson on Apple Cider

Making more than just fruit juice from a popular fruit. — In This Podcast:Our apple expert Kanin Routson joins us again to help us understand the process of making delicious apple cider using white wine making techniques. He explains the difference between juice, cider, and hard cider, and how the new…

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450: Katie Crichtley on Building a Farm Community

Farming with an eye on the future. — In This Podcast: The home purchase was going to be a stretch, but she could not escape the pull.  After several visits, Katie Critchley took the leap and this farming community is much more than she expected.  The appeal was so strong…

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447: Matt Smith on Urban Farming and Home Values

Building up property value with beautiful food growing spaces. — In This Podcast:Knowing that curb appeal is important, Matt Smith has applied this concept to his backyard to improve the value of his home.  He shares how growing food and appreciating nature has become so important to him, and…

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