790: Tom Spellman on Best Fruit Tree Pruning Practices.

Keeping fruit trees manageable for typical backyards.

In This Podcast:

What are the best practices for growing fruit trees in our front and back yards. It is not the way fruit trees are grown in orchards. So then what? Join Greg, and Janis as we chat with Tom Spellman from Dave Wilson Nursery to discover the best backyard orchard techniques for you.

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Our Guest:

Tom has been involved in the nursery business since 1973. At that time, he was a freshman in high school and rode his skateboard to work. Since then he has worked for several different nurseries including La Verne Nursery where he was general manager for 20 years. And currently he is the southwestern sales manager for Dave Wilson Nursery for the last two decades.

Dave Wilson Nursery is the largest grower of fruit, nut and shade trees in the USA. They grow 10 million plus trees per year and ship wholesale worldwide. Over the past 20 years Tom has also done television, video, radio, written, conducted workshops and lectured on the concepts of Backyard Orchard Culture and fruit growing in general. Tom’s dedication and passion for quality fruit growing has taken him to dozens of states in the USA as well as several countries around the globe to consult and lecture on fruit trees and fruit growing concepts


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