781: Alexandra Kutner on You Are What You Eat

Bringing a passion for health into a healthy snack business. Join Greg as he chats with Alexandra Kutner and how she transformed her life with a healthy lifestyle, food is medicine, non-toxic house attitude! Alexandra is very passionate about the saying “you are what you eat” and she believes that the proper diet through food from the earth is all that we truly need.

708: Joel Fuhrman on Eating for Life

Using Nutrition To Prevent And Reverse Disease. We have an amazing chat with Dr. Joel Fuhrman about how our food choices make such a huge difference in our health. This is a full-length interview with many of his tips and recommendations to achieve good health without relying on pills. He offers a natural eating plan that reduces disease and maximizes longevity. This is one interview you will want to listen to a few times just to get all the great details.

Farmer Greg under a tree

609: Growing Cover Crops for Multiple Benefits

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice in short, bite-size episodes –  Marlene Simon from Flower Power Garden Hour Podcast returns to reveal the many ways that cover crops can be used in the garden to add nitrogen, shade, moisture, and more. Marlene explains the process of…

608: Jon Hayes on Online Farmers Marketplace

Expanding farmers reach to customers with busy schedules: We hear from Jon Hayes about a new app he created and launched that brings local food even closer to home. Jon tells us how his app has many benefits outside of local food sourcing, and essentially can be utilized for anything to do with…

Farmer Greg under a tree

607: Watching for Contaminants in Your Soil

Gardening tips, tricks, and advice in short, bite-size episodes –  Kristina Hunter from Live. Well. Green Podcast educates us on the many sources and types of contaminants that can be found in soil, especially in an urban garden. While some sources are evident, Kristina calls attention…