813: What are Farm Trusts – A Garden Chat

A Garden Chat with Zack Wyatt. – We chat with Zack Wyatt of the Carolina Farm Trust is focused on revolutionizing the food systems in the Carolinas through regenerative farming practices and sustainable approaches. The Carolina Farm Trust has four pillars—Farm Apprenticeship Program, Food is Health Program, Urban Farm Network, and CFT Market & Distribution Center that are integral to their mission of fostering a healthier, more sustainable food system from farm to table

812: Seed Borne Diseases – a Seed Chat

A Seed Chat with Bill McDorman. – (excerpt here)This is the April 2024 Seed Chat – Seed-borne diseases quietly jeopardize the vitality of crops, as seeds unwittingly harbor microscopic threats like fungi, bacteria, and pests. Bill and Greg will help you identify these pesky pests and guide you through the measures to screen for disease-resistant seeds to thwart these covert adversaries.

807: Seeds, Are They Dead or Alive? – A Seed Chat

A Seed Chat with Bill McDorman. – Don’t throw away seeds collected for years. Do a germ test. Germination testing is a vital step to ensure seed viability before planting. We will talk about the process and show you how to determine the ratio of successful germination. Then you can plant the germinated seeds right into the ground. Learning how to germ test empowers growers with crucial insights into seed quality, helping you make informed decisions on seed selection and planting strategies.

801: Flower Parts for Dummies – a Seed Chat

A Seed Chat with Bill McDorman. – This is the February 2024 Seed Chat – Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson simplify the intricate world of flower anatomy into digestible insights for any level of gardener. Emphasizing the relevance of understanding flower parts, the duo investigates flowers, and fruits, highlighting their functions and significance in plant life. Bill and Greg’s informative and fun approach makes plant science accessible and relevant for all.

789: Wild Flower Seed Chat

A Seed Chat with Bill McDorman. – This is the December 2023 Seed Chat. Who doesn’t love wildflowers? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t toss wildflowers on your land and hope that they grow. Like most crops, they need special tending to get them started. If you’re really daring, you might mimic the patterns of the plants whose seeds you want to sprout. But keep in mind, wild plants put out thousands of seeds because so many of them don’t make it. They’re looking for the odds to be in their favor. Join Bill & Greg as they dive into this seedy topic.

784: Grains And Your Gut Instinct – A Seed Chat

A Seed Chat with Bill McDorman. This is the November 2023 Seed Chat about how our modern-day grains have gone through huge genetic changes and many would say not particularly for the better. There is a harkening back to ancient and heritage grains that are better for bellies, taste great and are easy to grow. Join us for this Seed Chat to learn about the Fresh Flour movement and how it is taking the country by storm.

780: Greg & Heidi’s New Farm and Garden – A Garden Chat

A Garden Chat with Heidi Lichte. -Join Greg and his long time partner in life as they chat about their move from Phoenix to Asheville, NC and the challenges and fun they have had. Greg had imagines moving to a quieter place for more than a decade when he met Heidi. But Heidi’s yoga students were all in phoenix and she wasn’t leaving. Until that happened! Covid hit and she had to put all of her yoga classes online. Before long, Heidi had a thriving online yoga business and asked Greg ‘Where do you want to live?’ Little did Greg know, it would be all the way across the country!