813: What are Farm Trusts

A Garden Chat with Zack Wyatt.


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In This Garden Chat:

We chat with Zack Wyatt of the Carolina Farm Trust is focused on revolutionizing the food systems in the Carolinas through regenerative farming practices and sustainable approaches. The Carolina Farm Trust has four pillars—Farm Apprenticeship Program, Food is Health Program, Urban Farm Network, and CFT Market & Distribution Center that are integral to their mission of fostering a healthier, more sustainable food system from farm to table.


Our Special Guest:

Zack Wyatt grew up in Northern Virginia. His family were caretakers of a 300 acre old dairy farm where they had a large garden, pigs, horses, chickens, and when he was young, he worked on neighboring farms. After graduating from Coastal Carolina University in 2003 with a degree in a business administration he worked in home mortgage lending and IT. But Zack’s passion for bringing community together over food won out and his understanding of the importance of equitable food access and his drive to improve local food systems led him to create the Carolina Farm Trust in 2015. As the CEO of Carolina Farm Trust, Zack has produced two documentaries: The Farmer That Feeds Us series, and an annual music festival fundraiser called Carolina Jubilee.


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