814: Albert Wilde on Wool Pellet Organic Fertilizer.

Using an innovative resource to improve water retention in potted plants.

In This Podcast:

Regenerative farming is all about using everything in the system and not having any waist. What if you were a farmer and found a place that there was a 20% waste stream on your farm? Albert Wilde of Wild Valley Sheep Farm invented a new way to fertilize his wife’s houseplants and it is turning into an innovate new way to fertilize and have our soil retain water. Join us as Albert and I chat about what is in my opinion one of the most innovative fertilizer inventions of the decade!.

Our Guest:

Albert is a sixth generation sheep rancher, entrepreneur, and father of seven boys. He is pioneering a new market for US wool, focusing on the use of wool pellets as a fertilizer and water holding soil amendment.

Albert started by making compost on the side as a little extra income for the farm. This led to making wool pellets and trialing them with a local greenhouse. Then in 2017, Wild Valley Farms won the Utah “Green Business Award for Innovation” and in 2018 Wild Valley Farms was chosen as a finalist out of 535 entries in the “American Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge”.

Since then, Albert has worked with numerous universities around the world demonstrating the benefits of wool pellets. Wild Valley Farms has expanded the market through distributors, online, and in stores establishing a new innovative product for gardeners and farmers.

Listen in….


Albert’s Book Recommendation:

Root Cellaring natural cold storage of fruits and vegetables by Mike and Nancy Bubell

How to reach Albert:

Website – www.wildvalleyfarms.com

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