227: Jan Dohner on Predators on the Urban Farm

Adjusting to a new normal with predators near our farms. Permaculture can be understood as the growth of agricultural ecosystems in a self-sufficient and sustainable way. This form of agriculture draws inspiration from nature to develop synergetic farming systems based on crop diversity, resilience, natural productivity, and sustainability.

226: Kevin Van Eekeren on Store Bought vs Home Raised Eggs

Recognizing eggs from lovingly raised hens and factory raised, regardless of labeling. We get to know the personal motivations behind Kevin, a tactical advisor and egg farmer with a focus on clear visioning 10 years into the future. He tells us how his experience developing tactical training has helped him with his farm. He also explains about some of the labeling misconceptions of eggs, and why there is such a marked difference in eggs depending on how the hens are raised.