764: Dee Stevens on Easy Fruit Picking

We meet Dr. Dee Stevens, one of group of friends who took an idea about harvesting fruit easier and safer, and created a product that is innovative and simple to use. They worked through several designs until they came up with one they loved. Greg learns how they came up with the idea, how they navigated through some of the challenges of fruit harvesting, and ended up with a patented solution that backyard orchardists can really appreciate.

762: Denali Canning On The Future Of Home Preservation.

Building A Path To Better Food Preservation And Homesteading. Two friends Prince Singh and Trent Pezzano share their journey of bringing a small business with Big community goals to life! As the founders of Denali Canning they have focused on building a relationship with their home preservation customers, and have really enjoyed the results. They have got a great energy, and a great story.

749: Maayan Chelsea and Scotty Karaa on Ritual Farming

Connecting people to the cycles and rhythms of growing food. Mayaan Chelsea and Scotty Karas share how they integrated their interests in sustainability with their desire to grow food and build community, and along the way recognized the rhythms and cycles of nature that connect people to the earth. They’ve been able to eat meals that but for the spices are 100% from their own garden and we learn how they got to this point and where they go next.

740: Companion Planting, a Seed Chat

A chat with an expert on Seeds. -This is the April 2023 class discussing seed and plant selection. Join Farmer Greg and Bill McDorman as they explore what it means to companion plant, and it depends on what you want to accomplish. From a permaculture perspective, can also be called the whole systems perspective, companion planting looks at every aspect of your ecosystem.  This brings into play guilds, pollinators, planting things that thrive together and avoiding things that don’t like each other and building ecosystems that work together.