749: Maayan Chelsea and Scotty Karas on Ritual Farming.

Connecting people to the cycles and rhythms of growing food.

In This Podcast:

Maayan Chelsea and Scotty Karas share how they integrated their interests in sustainability with their desire to grow food and build community, and along the way recognized the rhythms and cycles of nature that connect people to the earth. They’ve been able to eat meals that but for the spices are 100% from their own garden and we learn how they got to this point and where they go next.

Our Guest:

Maayan and Scotty are a husband-and-wife team living in community at SunSong Community in Barnardsville, North Carolina. Maayan is a mother, Earth steward, Flower grower and belly feeder, while Scotty is a farmer, orchardist, and community weaver. Together they co-founded Soul Gardens, an organization that hosts programs and workshops that connect people to the Earth and the source of their nourishment. Soul Gardens offers a 7-month long, once a week Ritual Farming Immersion that immerses adults in deep care for the Earth, growing and preserving food, working together in community, and connecting to the cycles & rhythms of the seasons.

Listen in for these great quotes:

3/4 of our food comes from the garden – Maayan

And we use the garden and the earth as a mirror to look at ourselves and look at our own soul’s growth and where we’re at in our lives. – Scotty

These different rituals and practices build cultural topsoil where there’s a group of people who know these songs, they know these rituals – Maayan

Book recommendation:

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmer

Trees of Power by Akiva Silver


You can find Mayaan and Chelsea at:

Website: SoulGardensLove.org

Facebook: Soul Gardens

Instagram: Soul Gardens Love


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