454: Matt Smith on Family Life with a Garden.

Finding joy and adventure in the backyard with kids and nature.

Matt is the creative force behind Smith House Design, an influential marketing and design agency here in Phoenix. He and his wife Candyce live in South Tempe with their five children and are building a food forest and learning space in their backyard. With such an inviting place, they frequently have much of the neighborhood stopping by.

In This Podcast: 

We welcome back Matt Smith from Smith House Design to hear more about improving family life with a garden. Matt and his wife have created a learning environment in their backyard full of fruit trees and plants. Now, their children prefer nature over screen time.  He shares his secrets to gardening with kids and how to make your neighbors never want to leave your backyard. Also, get a sneak peek on Matt’s farm to table project and how it will revolutionize their cooking! 

Listen in and learn about:

    • Nature Journaling and how to use it with your children 
    • Making your kids involved students of nature 
    • Tips and warnings for gardening with kids 
    • Teaching children respect for food 
    • How to involve the neighbors in your garden
    • Why you should plant fruit trees in your backyard ASAP 
    • How to have a backyard where people want to spend time and relax
    • Matt’s farm to table project 
    • To learn about the layout of Matt’s backyard, check out our 447th podcast!

As well as: 

  • His advice – Don’t be timid with your hobbies and passions.  

How to reach Matt : 

Send us an email and we will forward it to him 


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