449: Marty Campfield on AZOMITE on the Farm.

Focusing on higher yield and better quality in harvests.

Marty is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing with AZOMITE Soil Products, LLC, and has served in various positions in the agricultural, turfgrass, landscape, greenhouse, and fertilizer industries. He has traveled globally to over 15 countries working with everyone from the growers up to the product formulators. As a former certified professional agronomist (CPAg) and former certified crop advisor (CCA) his experience has included focusing on optimizing soil health and crop production in conventional and organic farming systems. His overarching goal has been to help companies and producers optimize yield, quality, and return on investment in their crops.

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In This Podcast:

Earning his degree in agronomy put Marty Campfield on a path that led him eventually to work for AZOMITE selling this unique nutrient dense fertilizer/soil amendment product. He helps explain about the importance of nutrients in the soil, and how different forms can easily break down for quick plant consumption or slowly break down for long term nutrient availability. Marty also shares tips on different methods of application for this mineral rich substance.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Starting out in the fertilizer industry right after college
  • Helping farmers & turfgrass managers integrate nutrient management and GIS/GPS technologies
  • Defining the role of agronomist
  • Nutrient density and what that means
  • AZOMITE as a natural volcanic ash material from the desert of Utah
  • Nutrients that can break down in the soil readily
  • AZOMITE is listed as a fertilizer or a soil amendment
  • The acronym: A to Z Of Minerals Including Trace Elements
  • Why this is important for urban farms
  • Breaking down the ingredients a little
  • Soil fertilizer research webinar HERE
  • Factors driving conventional growers to sustainable and organic farming
  • Different methods of delivery for farmers, turfgrass managers, orchardists and urban farmers
  • His personal preference for farming and evaluating goals and process
  • Some tips for small farming businesses

As well as:

His failure – he was working on a large sale without visualizing thru to completion and flubbed at the close

His success – making the largest sale of his career by making sure they were communicating

His drive – a passion to help people and get them to consider new ways of doing things

His advice – develop an attitude of gratitude and it will be life changing

Marty’s Book recommendations: 

The Bible

The Science of Getting Rich: The Original Classic by Wallace Wattles

How to reach AZOMITE:

Website: azomite.com

Facebook: @AZOMITE


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