450: Katie Crichtley on Building a Farm Community

Farming with an eye on the future. — In This Podcast: The home purchase was going to be a stretch, but she could not escape the pull.  After several visits, Katie Critchley took the leap and this farming community is much more than she expected.  The appeal was so strong…

422: Stacey Murphy on Setting Goals for Growing

Gathering gurus to help gardens grow – Growing up gardening side-by-side with her parents helped Stacey Murphy have a solid connection with food. She lost this connection when she went to college and began working as an engineer and architect. It wasn’t until she was living in…

Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson

Bonus Episode 23: Seed Saving Class November 2018

A chat with a seed expert on the seed paradigm, seed history, and more. There is always a bounty of information available in conversations with Bill McDorman. This is the November 2018 episode of a Seed Saving Class – learn about the seed paradigm, seed history, and so much more.