450: Katie Crichtley on Building a Farm Community.

Farming with an eye on the future.

Katie is the Farm Director of The Farm at Agritopia and a long time resident of the nationally recognized and award winning  “agrihood” at Agritopia.   She is a founding board member of The Johnston Family Foundation for Urban Agriculture, which is committed to promoting and preserving Urban Agriculture throughout the State of Arizona.

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She has also been a part of the development team at Johnston Properties maintaining and expanding their commercial holdings.  Her last role at Johnston Properties was co-project manager for the award winning craftsman community, Barnone located in Agritopia.

In This Podcast:

The home purchase was going to be a stretch, but she could not escape the pull.  After several visits, Katie Critchley took the leap and this farming community is much more than she expected.  The appeal was so strong that her extended family joined her as well. She found herself becoming more and more involved and eventually became the Farm Director at a truly integrated farming community.   A one sentence description is impossible – you must hear this podcast to understand, and you’ll be wanting to visit Agritopia very soon!

Listen in and learn about:

  • Looking for a new home and visiting a unique farming community 13 times before buying
  • Being a resident in this special farming
  • Working with the family that owned the property to build up property
  • Three goals
    • wanted the property to be a legitimate, producing, working urban farm
    • wanted it to be beautiful
    • wanted to educate others
  • Moving into a 501c3 to help meet the goals and set it up to continue forward
  • Getting asked to be the Farm Director
  • Stats on the Agritopia farming community
  • She has 4 generations living in the community and there are other family groups like that too
  • How the farm is integrated into the community
  • She describes the farm
  • Looking forward to ways they can grow while still meeting the 3 pillars
  • The restaurants and businesses in an 8000 square feet space that work together as a micro community
  • How she feels living and working in this community

As well as:

Her failure – a time the greenhouse was running during the summer, and the water source was a well which went down on a weekend she was gone

Her success – Allowing people to do what they are passionate about

Her drive – seeing the magic that is happening and knowing that it can grow 10x bigger

Her advice – Go with your gut, find something you are passionate about, and go for it.

A recipe submitted by Katie:

Arugula Pesto Grilled Cheese

Katie’s Book recommendations:  

The Farm on the Roof: What Brooklyn Grange Taught Us About Entrepreneurship, Community, and Growing a Sustainable Businessby Anastasia Cole Plakias

How to reach Katie:

Website: www.TheFarmAtAgritopia.com

Instagram: @agritopiafarm

Facebook: @TheFarmAtAgritopia

Email: Katie@agritopia.com


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