801: Flower Parts for Dummies – a Seed Chat

A Seed Chat with Bill McDorman. – This is the February 2024 Seed Chat – Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson simplify the intricate world of flower anatomy into digestible insights for any level of gardener. Emphasizing the relevance of understanding flower parts, the duo investigates flowers, and fruits, highlighting their functions and significance in plant life. Bill and Greg’s informative and fun approach makes plant science accessible and relevant for all.

Farmer Greg Steps Out…On Redesigning Systems

Farmer Greg Steps Out…On Redesigning Systems…: Farmer Greg Peterson has stepped out of his podcast studio to join other podcast hosts in conversations to share his vision across the globe. Greg is usually the one to pick people’s brains about their great ideas, but now Greg is in the hot seat as he speaks about…

600: Saving Seeds of Grasses and Grains

A seed chat with Bill McDorman: This is the April 2021 class discussing the importance of growing our own grains, ancient grain sources, and so much more on which grains are best for specific regions.

586: Niki Jabbour on Growing Under Cover

Protecting gardens from cold weather and pests and extending growing seasons. – An intriguing conversation on how to garden year-round in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Niki Jabbour illustrates her growing techniques that she claims to be a ‘game-changer’ in her garden. Niki describes the different types of…

582: Patti Milligan on Growing Healthier Eaters

Connecting childhood nutrition to gardening. A fascinating chat with Patti Milligan lets us explore ways to help children crave healthier foods. Patti discusses how taste, smell, and environment are influential to what drives our diet preferences from a young age. She encourages parents to…

Michael Kilpatrick. Episode 579 guest. Starting a new farm.

579: Michael Kilpatrick on Starting a New Farm

Helping others navigate the challenges of starting a new farm : Farming is often perceived as a career that requires long hours, little leisure and profit. However, Michael Kilpatrick spends every day working towards his vision working with farmers to create sustainable farming systems that generate…

556: Greg, Janis, Bill and Belle on Seed Up In a Box

Bringing bulk seed sharing to every community.The Great American Seed Up is a project designed to improve resilience through local seed saving and sharing. With the events of 2020, seed sharing cannot be done in large events so Greg, Janis, Bill & Belle chat about a new way for neighbors and groups to share seeds through the Seed Up In a Box Program.

Jason Johns profile pic

553: Jason Johns on Berries and Brassicas

Jamming in the garden with healthy, tasty, fruits and vegetables. In This Podcast: Berries and brassicas come from two different plant families, and like all plants, they have some challenging environmental requirements, but Jason Johns has experimented in the garden and written books that share his secrets on how…