556: Greg, Janis, Bill, and Belle on Seed Up In a Box.

Bringing bulk seed sharing to every community.

In This Podcast:

The Great American Seed Up is a project designed to improve resilience through local seed saving and sharing. With the events of 2020, seed sharing cannot be done in large events so Greg, Janis, Bill & Belle chat about a new way for neighbors and groups to share seeds through the Seed Up In a Box Program. Listen in to learn about how this new bulk seed shopping works, how anyone can participate, how the savings is shared, and ideas on ways to promote seed sharing with friends and family.

Our Guests:

Greg Peterson, Bill McDorman, and Belle Starr are three of the founders of the Great American Seed Up, and Janis Norton is the Manager of the annual event. The Great American Seed Up has been working to establish seed banks in the homes of gardeners across the Greater Phoenix Area for over 5 years with a goal to make a difference in local food security. Their answer to 2020’s challenges is a brand new bulk seed shopping option.

Listen in and learn about:

Blog Post:

Check out the article Eleven Ways to Share Seeds by Kari Spencer the fourth founder of Great American Seed Up.


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