Michael Kilpatrick. Episode 579 guest. Starting a new farm.

579: Michael Kilpatrick on Starting a New Farm

Helping others navigate the challenges of starting a new farm : Farming is often perceived as a career that requires long hours, little leisure and profit. However, Michael Kilpatrick spends every day working towards his vision working with farmers to create sustainable farming systems that generate…

576: Casey Cox on the Story of our Farm

Being a young farmer with a long family history of farming There are many people that grow up on a farm that choose to leave to find their calling in the city. However, Casey Cox left her family farm to find her calling only to realize that her destiny was…

573: Dorie Morales on the Fresh Food Collab

Working to reshape the narrative surrounding food scarcity 2020 is the year that the world experienced two pandemics: The COVID virus and exponential unemployment. Many have turned to food banks but are not receiving the necessary nutrition. However, Dorie Morales is collaborating with the local community to…

559: Seed Saving Class August 2020

A chat with an expert on Seeds. – This is the August 2020 episode of a live Seed Saving Class discussing various seed exchange resources, finding heirloom seeds, supporting organizations, and so much more on how to connect people to local seed sources.

556: Greg, Janis, Bill and Belle on Seed Up In a Box

Bringing bulk seed sharing to every community.The Great American Seed Up is a project designed to improve resilience through local seed saving and sharing. With the events of 2020, seed sharing cannot be done in large events so Greg, Janis, Bill & Belle chat about a new way for neighbors and groups to share seeds through the Seed Up In a Box Program.

Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program Logo - Tree only

554: Greg Peterson and Janis Norton on The Fruit Tree Program

An invitation to an online fruit tree education event. It is that time of year for the upcoming annual Urban Farm Fruit Tree Education launch. Greg Peterson and Janis Norton discuss the highlights of the Urban Farm’s 2020 Fruit Tree Program and share an invitation to the first virtual kick-off event. Listen in to learn about when and where to find the the live online event, special bundle deals, and some quick tips on the selecting the best fruit trees for your backyard.

541: Trevor Williams on Farming Podcasts.

541: Trevor Williams on Farming Podcasts.

Bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. – In This Podcast: Want more info on what it takes to be a farmer? Trevor Williams of the Farm Traveler Podcast interviews farmers about their day to day life and processes. Listen in to learn about becoming educated on where your food comes from…

538: Erin Douglas on Sustainable Farming in Ghana.

538: Erin Douglas on Sustainable Farming in Ghana.

Supporting a teaching farm in Africa. – In This Podcast: Some people know their mission from a young age. Others, like Erin Douglas, find their direction as they go. With a desire to travel as her guide, Erin left her corporate job and traveled through Africa. An epic moment in Ghana inspired this novice…