576: Casey Cox on the Story of our Farm

Being a young farmer with a long family history of farming There are many people that grow up on a farm that choose to leave to find their calling in the city. However, Casey Cox left her family farm to find her calling only to realize that her destiny was…

574: Jennifer Caraway on The Joy Bus Meal Program

In This Podcast – COVID caused a shift towards a new normal way of life with social distancing protocols and at-home confinement, yet, for cancer patients this is their everyday life. However, Jennifer Caraway became inspired to lead a movement that…

556: Greg, Janis, Bill and Belle on Seed Up In a Box

Bringing bulk seed sharing to every community.The Great American Seed Up is a project designed to improve resilience through local seed saving and sharing. With the events of 2020, seed sharing cannot be done in large events so Greg, Janis, Bill & Belle chat about a new way for neighbors and groups to share seeds through the Seed Up In a Box Program.

Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program Logo - Tree only

554: Greg Peterson and Janis Norton on The Fruit Tree Program

An invitation to an online fruit tree education event. It is that time of year for the upcoming annual Urban Farm Fruit Tree Education launch. Greg Peterson and Janis Norton discuss the highlights of the Urban Farm’s 2020 Fruit Tree Program and share an invitation to the first virtual kick-off event. Listen in to learn about when and where to find the the live online event, special bundle deals, and some quick tips on the selecting the best fruit trees for your backyard.

420: Ocean Robbins on The 31 Day Food Revolution

Changing the way we eat one month at a time – Food revolutionary and visionary Ocean Robbins shares a healthy eating program that can work for anyone in just 31 days.  Breaking down his plan into four sections, he helps simplify the process.  He also discusses some of the…