600: Saving Seeds of Grasses and Grains

A seed chat with Bill McDorman: This is the April 2021 class discussing the importance of growing our own grains, ancient grain sources, and so much more on which grains are best for specific regions.

550: Josephine DeFalco on Growing Herbs for Health and Happiness

Recognizing herbs for their many uses. Herbs can be the easiest plants to grow, at the same time, they can be the most expensive item in the produce section of the store. Josephine DeFalco became inspired to educate others on how to grow herbs and the many benefits that arise from herbs aside from enhancing culinary flare. Listen in to learn about the importance of…

Eugene Trufkin, Trufkin Athletics

505: Eugene Trufkin on Changing to Better Diets.

Transitioning from factory-farmed foods to healthy organic. – In This Podcast: Many of us try to eat organic fruits and vegetables and pasture-raised meats as often as possible. However, due to marketing terms, we may not be eating what we think we bought. Eugene Trufkin explains what the gimmicky…

Laurie Ouding

431: Laurie Ouding on Food Inequity and Kids’ Health

Educating kids and their parents on the role food plays in their health – Laurie Ouding is working to revolutionize the food system on the south side of Chicago. Through her work as a nurse, she identified the need for healthy, affordable, and available food in local neighborhoods. Now, she is working with…