524: Neil Werde on Recognizing Quality Dog Treats.

Breaking the mold on traditional canine snacks.

In This Podcast:

As gardeners, we think of our health and the food we put in our bodies but have you thought much about what you feed your pets? Treats should benefit your dog’s health as well as taste good. We talked canine healthy treats with Neil Werde and got the inside scoop on the best ingredients and processing method for a quality dog treat.  Neil dove into some of the findings around Raw and Mediterranean diets for your furry friends as well as pet toys that keep your children safe too.

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Our Guest:

524: Neil Werde on Recognizing Quality Dog Treat.Neil has over 40 years of experience creating and marketing consumer products including children’s toys at Tyco and Mattel, pop culture & music at Rhino Records, and for the past 18 years durable toy products in the pet industry. He has delighted parents, children, and our four-legged friends with thoughtful and innovative products and solutions.
Neil co-founded the Quaker Pet Group, and in 2015 they merged into pet industry innovator Worldwise, Inc, where his product development team has been focused on bringing healthy treats to our canine friends.


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