564: Pia Maffei on Exploring Clean Eating.

Teaching people how to recognize clean, healthy food.

In This Podcast:

Most people perceive food as healthy based on popular buzz words and special labels such as grass-fed or non-GMO, yet, never questioning the source of ingredients. However, Pia Maffei says we should absolutely be asking ourselves this question. Listen in to learn about understanding clean eating, getting smart about deceptive marketing practices, and finding the right path towards living a healthy lifestyle by making the right food choices that work best for us.

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Our Guest:

Pia used to think she was eating clean because she didn’t eat fast food or go to chain restaurants, she cooked mostly at home, ate beef about 3 times a year, and would only go out to eat at fine dining restaurants. In 2013, after a successful 25 years in technology, she opened a small, curated market called Artisan’s Palate in Temecula, California. It quickly attracted many local artisans who were making their products ‘fresh’ and ‘with love’. However, she soon realized they were using the same inexpensive ingredients commonly found in mass-produced processed foods, and they wanted to charge double the price. Just because they were making it from ‘scratch’ didn’t mean it was clean. From that day forward she started to scrutinize both the ingredients used and the processes that were implemented in the foods she carried at the market and began to work only with suppliers that were conscientious when sourcing ingredients and farming practices.

Listen in and learn about:

    • The story behind Artisan’s Palate
    • What Pia defines as clean eating
    • Grass-fed versus grass-finished
    • The truth behind ‘cage-free’ eggs
    • Why we should choose a lifestyle and not a diet lane  
    • What are industrial foods
    • How to detect misleading food labels
    • The importance of ‘getting real’ with food
    • How does clean eating enable risk management
    • Pia’s online school – Get Food Smart: Get Real

As well as:

Her failure – Her inability to help herself they way she has helped others

Her success – Promoting lasting longevity through clean eating

Her drive – Her passion for helping others find their journey

Her advice – “Question where your food comes from and do what works best for you”

Pia’s Book recommendations:

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t by Jim Collins

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

How to reach Pia:

Website: www.getfoodsmart.com

Facebook: @ArtisansPalate, @iamacleaneater

Instagram: @ArtisansPalate, @iamacleaneater


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