RECIPE: Beth’s Crazy Mesquite Cake

After attending Peggy Sorensen’s recent talk on mesquite, I tried making flour using a coffee grinder, and wanted to try it in a recipe.  So I adapted a crazy cake recipe (it’s also called wacky cake or depression cake, since the recipe originated during the depression when eggs, milk and butter were hard to come by).  I needed to make it gluten free, and since mesquite flour is so sweet, decided to try to omit the sugar (it worked!).

SOIL RECIPE: Hot Composting for Cool Folks

by Guest blogger: Sarah Botwala-Messina – We think composting is just like cooking a special dish. The tools, ingredients and techniques deserve attention. And it takes time, love and patience. The only difference is that in composting the role of ‘chef’ is played by…