778: Get Saving Those Seeds, It’s Easier Than You Think – A Rosie Replay

A Rosie on the House Radio Show Replay. Join Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson as they chat about the 5 easiest seeds to save. The first one discussed is how to save tomatoes. Plus they share about their yearly event called the GreatAmericanSeedUp.org that is the biggest seed saving bazaar in the country. There is nothing else like it!

775: Margaret Bruning on Homesteading as an Artist

Imagine for a moment…you have a successful career that is on an upward trajectory but something just doesn’t feel right. So you decide to move onto your next life by packing up your belongings and hitting the road in a teardrop camper for three years! Exploring the outer world and the inner world and then landing on a homestead in West Virginia! Come along for the ride as Margaret shares the ride of her life!

771: Chris Nycz on My Organic Farming

Join Greg as he chats with Chris Nycz about his journey from college student to weekend farmer to owning his own acres and running a farm to benefit the community. Chris says “It’s been a laboratory where I got to try out all sorts of different ideas that I had read about. I think one of the things I would say is I wasn’t precisely certain what I wanted to do, so I tried to do a great many things, probably too many things.”