747: All About Grexing, A Seed Chat

A Seed Chat with Bill McDorman. – This is the May 2023 Seed Chat with Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson discussing a gardening concept that involves mixing seeds on purpose before planting with a goal of cross-pollination. A Grex is a mixture of varieties growing together and encouraged to cross-pollinate. The seeds from those crosses are grown out again and again. Instead of crossing two parents to create offspring, the breeder crosses dozens. The word Grex means ‘flock’.

746: Renee Dang on Rainwater Harvesting

Learning about collecting the rain and sharing the journey. Renee Dang wanted to learn more about Rainwater Harvesting, and as she jumped into researching this topic, she used her lack of experience to ask important questions that every new water harvester wants to ask. She explains how using this unique perspective, and her strength in technical writing, she works to help others understand a water sustainability option for any property that receives rain.

745: “Native Edibles with Peggy Sue & Mike”

A Rosie on the House Radio Show. This is the May 2023 show discussing Native edibles and Mesquite. Native edibles in the southwest are a fun way to experience the local desert. Greg and Romey chat with guests Peggy Sue Sorenson and Mike Clow and talk about some of the best and easiest edible finds in the local area. They talk about how to harvest wild crops like mesquite and so much more. Hear how they collect a variety of different fruits and beans from native desert plants and what to do with the harvest afterwards!

744: Scott Mann on The Ripples of Permaculture Pt 2.

This is part two an extraordinary interview where Greg discusses personal permaculture beginnings with Scott Mann. In this episode we start with our signature questions and learn more about what he thinks his biggest failure is and how he overcame it, what his biggest success is, and what drives him. This conversation goes off into a great conversation and further into the meanderings of permaculture.

743: Scott Mann on The Ripples of Permaculture Pt 1.

Changing the world one podcast at a time. In an extraordinary two-part interview, Greg discusses personal permaculture beginnings with Scott Mann. After finally finding a permaculture design course that fit his schedule, Scott journeyed into a world of solutions was so impactful that it changed his life direction. He weaves a story for us that is both moving and inspirational, eventually resulting in, among other things, starting a podcast focused on permaculture and interviewing some amazing people along the way.  

742: David Sands on Bamboo in Construction

Using to bamboo to help address the climate crisis. David Sands shares his journey from trying to be a better steward for the planet and how that evolved into him starting a business offering bamboo wood for building lumber. We learn why this is such a renewable resource and some of its unique aspects that can help as we seek solutions for the climate crisis.

738: Edmund Williams on The Phoenix Backyard Garden Program

Changning the face of food in Phoenix. Ed joins Greg on the podcast to bring us up to date on the project he is tackling in the heart of Phoenix to transform the world of urban agriculture with one simple way of growing food. Ed has been working hard to create a system that will make a difference in reducing food deserts at a level that the individual gardener can reach, yet can be supported by cities anywhere. He goes further and explains what democratizing the food system.

737: Steve Churchill on Worm Composting

Simplifying Vermicomposting And Making It Easy For Anyone To Start. This is a replay of a really awesome interview with our friend Steve and since Greg is using one of these new worm composting systems, we wanted to bring this interview back up for a new listen. A chance encounter at a farmers market led Greg to meet Steve Churchill, the creator of the worm bag he had recently bought. In this interview, Steve explains the reason he designed a new worm composting bag and explains many of the ins and outs of vermicomposting.