794: Kristin Parsons on Guilds – A Rosie Replay

A Rosie on the House Radio Show Replay.Kristin Parsons joined us for our monthly Rosie on the House Radio hour talking about plant guilds. What is a guild you say? It is a beneficial collection of purposely planted plants that self generate in the future. Ya know kinda like nature does. She also share the 7 components of a guild…Enjoy!

791: Jeff Robinson on Grow a Lot with Little Space

Join us in a conversation with Jeff Robinson about how he grew from a environmental science professional into a professional farmer. In a quarter acre of land and with a little planning he is growing and processing strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers to prepare and sell salsas, pickles, jams and jellies. He is doing incredible work and has gone from a dream to reality in just a few years.

789: Wild Flower Seed Chat

A Seed Chat with Bill McDorman. – This is the December 2023 Seed Chat. Who doesn’t love wildflowers? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t toss wildflowers on your land and hope that they grow. Like most crops, they need special tending to get them started. If you’re really daring, you might mimic the patterns of the plants whose seeds you want to sprout. But keep in mind, wild plants put out thousands of seeds because so many of them don’t make it. They’re looking for the odds to be in their favor. Join Bill & Greg as they dive into this seedy topic.

788: It’s Not Too Late to Plant Your Fruit Trees

A Rosie on the House Radio Show Replay. It’s not to late to plant your fruit trees and you know the old adage the best time to plant a tree is now and 20 years ago. So let’s get to it and plant our trees. Join Greg and Romey as they explore what ultimate fruit tree success really means and how not to waist our time on trees that just don’t do all that well.