806: The Rogue Food Conference with Joel Salatin and John Moody.

Showcasing those who are making a difference in our food systems.

In This Podcast:

The Rogue Food Conference” is an annual gathering of innovative thinkers and passionate advocates who are challenging the status quo of the food industry. Hosted by Joel Salatin and John Moody, this conference showcases individuals and organizations that have found creative solutions to navigate the regulatory hurdles and bring nutrient-dense, local, and authentic food to their communities.

Our Guest:

Joel Salatin and his family owned Polyface Farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Featured in the iconic foodie book, Omnivore’s Dilemma, An award winning film, Food Inc., the farm’s moniker is Healing the Land One Bite at a Time. Joel is a prolific author and speaker. He promotes local food systems, freedom of food choice, and farming systems that build the commons. Joel was a guest on our podcast and appeared in episode 310.

John MoodyJohn Moody lives in his homestead in the rolling hills of Kentucky. He founded the whole life buying club, one of the largest alternative food distribution approaches in the country. He is the author of five books and a well known speaker at conferences across the country on health, food, farming, and freedom. John is a returning podcast guest and appeared on episode 116 and 535.

Listen in….

How to get tickets for the Conference:

Website – RogueFoodConference.com

2024 Conference Dates: May 17 and May 18

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