787: Paul Wheaton on Horticultural Techniques.

Teaching an effective way to build hügelkultur gardens.

In This Podcast:

In this episode we talk to Paul about what is and what isn’t hügelkultur. Greg was pretty sure he knew going in what and how to and was really surprised that he was way off base. Join us as we discover how to build our own 7 foot tall hügelkultur bed and why it is important.

Our Guest:

Paul Wheaton, is an author, producer, certified advanced master gardener, and is the lead mad scientist of Wheaton Labs and Permies.com. After a successful career as a software engineer in aerospace, Paul became obsessed with everything permaculture. He has created hundreds of videos and podcasts, and written dozens of articles and several books.

Paul’s Book

Building a Better World in Your Backyard Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys

Paul’s book recommendation

Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway

His advice:

My one piece of advice is live large. and if you do, if you live large, … for every supporter you get, you’ll have 20 people that for their very own good reasons need to suppress you.
… Step around, keep going, live large, live, have joy, go out there and do big things. Be proud of what you’ve made.

…And, and if you want to change your mind, oh, that’s a big thing in permaculture. Don’t get married to your permaculture maps, that is. That permaculture map is your ideas at that moment, and so be prepared to, make a new piece of paper that you tape over the old piece and, and make a whole new map whenever you feel like it.
…And if you go out and you’re like, I was going to build a pond there, but I dug down and it’s a bunch of cracked bedrock, and I’m not going to be able to seal the pond. Build your pond someplace else. Change your map. Change it. Don’t try to say, I have to build a pond here because that’s what’s in the map.
…Don’t get married to your map. And in fact, as an artist, aren’t you going to go out and you’re going to like, learn about your land and you start doing your earthworks and you’re going to learn all kinds of things about your land that you never knew. And then go with that. Develop a symbiotic relationship with what you discovered, as opposed to marrying the map of what you designed before you could see underground.

How to Reach Paul:

Website: Permies.com


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