786: Judith Horvath on A Resilient Food Supply Chain.

Helping small farmers get started successfully.

In This Podcast:

Twenty years ago, driven by her children’s allergies, Judith unknowingly started homesteading—ripping up her lawn to grow clean produce. This journey expanded to a farm. After eight years of a corporate-farming double life, the pandemic prompted a leap into full-time farming and consulting. Now, she helps others embark on farming ventures, fostering spiritual richness.

Our Guest:

Judith has journeyed from a white-collar business executive to hair sheep and dairy goat farmer. When Covid and global events laid bare the fragility of our food supply chain, Judith found a way to leave corporate life to concentrate solely on farming. Today she’s helping launch a new generation of small farmers with the goal of establishing a resilient local food supply chain based on regenerative agriculture methods, rotationally grazed grass-fed meats, and nutrient dense produce. She’s on a mission to help people get started farming and be immediately successful.

Judith’s book recommendation:

Miraculous Abundance: A quarter acre, two French farmers and enough food to feed the world.

Her advice: 

Be willing to look to history, technology, and even non institutional solutions. If the “experts” had all the answers, they wouldn’t be having the issues that we have today.

And you can be part of your own local solution. There’s no one unicorn global answer to every culture and every issue faced by every people in every biome, every climate, every country, every geography. It just, it doesn’t exist. So don’t count on the central planners, big experts to solve it for you. We won’t succeed in finding new paradigms by doing the same old, same, listening to these experts solely because they have impressive pedigrees.

it’s a good accomplishment to have these degrees. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti establishment, but a fat pedigree should not automatically confer deity status. So all you amateurs and with drive and brains and color outside the lines, blaze a path, try things out, experiment, be willing to have fails, right?

And come up with new things. It requires vision and backbone, but if you’re listening, wherever you are, if you’re one of those people who can see things that others cannot in a different way. Early or with new perspective than most. This is a gift. Please, I beg you, wield it with delicacy and gratitude and reverence.

These people who can see these special people have a duty to shepherd others through difficult times and innovate, illuminate the path forward. If you’re one of these people, you know what I’m talking about. Believe in yourself. Be willing to fail for the greater mission and keep going for goodness sake.

We’re at the start of an all hands on deck situation. I believe it might not be in the open just yet, but the zeitgeist is, we can all feel it. We’re listening to this podcast. This is its own tribe. We know something isn’t right with our food supply and we know that things need to change and everyone can play a part.

So if you’re not producing and support, if you feel there’s something amiss and you can feel that something needs to change, make the effort to do differently. Change your patterns, change your comfort zone, shift the way you do things to help set up an alternate system that makes sense. Participate, support your local farmers, become a farmer, be part of your local food supply chain, be willing to spend a little extra money or drive a little further or join the club and maybe you get some blemished, weird looking produce.

That is the weight of the resilience. Step outside your comfort zone, color outside the lines, and think. Think before you purchase

How to reach Judith:  

Website: FairHillFarm.com

Facebook: Fair Hill Farm and Caproderma

Email: Judith@fairhillfarm.com


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