783: Christian Marr on Marvelous and Modest Mushrooms.

Teaching others about wild food and fungi.

In This Podcast:

Join us on this episode as we delve into the captivating world of wild food and fungi with Christian Marr, a seasoned mycologist and co-founder of Closed Loop Lab LLC. Christian’s journey, fueled by a deep passion for the natural world and shaped by her science-oriented upbringing, unfolds into a holistic exploration of healing, academic pursuits, and permaculture experiences. We unravel the metaphorical richness of fungi in understanding life’s intricacies, and Christian sheds light on the incredible capabilities of mycelium, the hidden network beneath mushrooms.

Our Guest:

Christian has been studying mycology and cultivating fungi for over 13 years. She has a BS in Biology plus an Associates of Engineering and recently founded Closed Loop Lab LLC with her business partner and microbiologist, Beth Kennedy. Christian is also very passionate about education and citizen science,  she truly believes that the intersection of community building, scientific efforts, and looking to the natural world for solutions will be the sweet spot for healing our human livelihood and our relationship to nature. Christian identifies as a fungi faery and spends most of her free time roaming the woods, foraging, pursuing flow arts and other artistic creations and earth skills. Closed Loop Lab has built an extensive fungi culture library, including local species and strains harvested from the wild, and have been providing quality fungi cultivation products to the local community, as well as creating fungi cultivation installations for local landowners and homesteaders.


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