506: Melissa Canales on Urban Microgreens.

Providing convenience, variety, and deliciousness to the on-the-go conscientious eater.

In This Podcast:

We’ve all heard about the benefits of eating microgreens, but what does it take to grow them? Melissa Canales of Quantum Microgreens did a career 180 after a health crisis and now makes it her business to grow and supply this amazing health food. Hear about her growing set up and which varieties are the best for beginners. For more advanced farmers, she shares how she made the leap into farming, the business side, and how to find your place in the farming community.

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Our Guest:

Melissa grows and sells microgreens in the heart of San Diego, California. Her company Quantum Microgreens was formed in early 2017, and she specializes in selling living trays of microgreens, grown outside year-round direct to customers at farmer’s markets. She does workshops in the community introducing people to the world of microgreens and helps busy people stay healthy with fresh greens. She also sells Grow Your Own Microgreens kits to share the microgreens love throughout the country.


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