507: Pierre Nibart on Indoor Gardening.

Bringing life into your home.

In This Podcast:

The OGarden, a high tech way of bringing indoor gardening into a small space in your home, is Pierre Nibart’s labor of love to improve people’s well being. With his OGarden, you can grow 90 plants in a self-lit, 29″ by 53″ space with minimal involvement. Learn how to start seeds, use the plants in your daily meals, and teach kids about gardening. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids to eat more vegetables when they play a part in growing the plants!

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Our Guest:

507: Pierre Nibart on Indoor Gardening with OGardenPierre has a life that, like his vision of the world, is largely out of the ordinary. At 11 years old, he left his parents’ home, travelling and living in more than 20 countries, which allowed him to learn about many different cultures. He studied hotel management in a prestigious school in Belgium to finally discover his true passion, entrepreneurship.  As president of Manufacture Ogarden, Pierre delights in helping his customers bring all the benefits of growing food and plants into their home.


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