620: Water In and For Our Landscape

A Garden Chat with Don Titmus.– In This Podcast: Greg, co-host Janis Norton, and Don discuss how to apply permaculture concepts to address water issues in our landscapes. They dive deep to reveal the natural systems that protect plants from climate extremes, and they explore ways we can…

552: Seed Saving Class July 2020

A chat with an expert on Seeds. – In This Podcast: This is the July 2020 episode of a live Seed Saving Class discussing the current status of world seeds, utility patents, community based seed systems, and so much more on building diversity and resilience back into the garden.

Jason Johns profile pic

491: Jason Johns on Vertical Gardening.

Using the space above planters to the best advantage. – In This Podcast: Sometimes it just doesn’t feel like we have enough space in our gardens! Returning guest, Jason Johns, shares his solution that increased the yield per square foot from his garden, different styles of vertical gardens, and…

Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson

Bonus Episode 27: Seed Saving Class April 2019

A chat with a seed expert. — In This BONUS Podcast:Once again we join a conversation with Bill McDorman and Greg Peterson to learn about growing from seed, growing for seed, and why our seeds are so important in these changing times. This is the replay of the April 2019 Seed Saving Class…