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439: Garrett Hill on Gardening in the 21st Century

Maximizing growing potential by gardening out of the box. – Garret Hill loved gardening using grow bags so much, he made it into a business. Today we talk about starting a business, the benefits of grow bags, how they work, and some of the cool things Garret is growing in them. We also dive into the WiFi controlled watering system he recommends to all his clients and how it allows him to conserve water and integrate technology to improve his farm to table gardening.

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The Six Week Greenhouse

By Guest Blogger: Joel Karsten – For northern gardeners, starting vegetable plants as early as possible is key to a productive and successful food garden, since sometimes it seems we only have about a three-week growing season! That might be a slight exaggeration, but certainly gardening in the north is challenging. One of the key advantages of the Straw Bale Gardening method is…

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What’s Eating My Garden?? An Epic Adventure with a Twist at the End!

By Guest Bloggers: Jim & Roxanne Malinski – We live in southeast Chandler, AZ in a neighborhood established 20 years ago.  Last year in mid-September (2018) we planted romaine lettuce, curly kale, rainbow blend carrots (all seed) and six small broccoli plants in my vegetable garden (raised 6’x12’ plot).  Within a couple weeks everything was…

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432: John Wann-Ángeles on Place Making on an Urban Farm

Cultivating a community with a non-profit urban farming project. – John Wann-Ángeles is building the south Phoenix farming community in a big way! He shared with us how a school project turned into a community farming effort that now involves a 19-acre piece of land and a local farmers market. Listen in to learn about community farming opportunities and…

SOIL RECIPE: Hot Composting for Cool Folks

by Guest blogger: Sarah Botwala-Messina – We think composting is just like cooking a special dish. The tools, ingredients and techniques deserve attention. And it takes time, love and patience. The only difference is that in composting the role of ‘chef’ is played by…