439: Garrett Hill on Gardening in the 21st Century.

Maximizing growing potential by gardening out of the box.

Garret Hill on Gardening in the 21st CenturyGarrett and his wife moved back to Gilbert, AZ from Huntington Beach, CA after honorably serving for 10 years of active duty in the United States Coast Guard. As native Arizonians, they both realized that their home state offered the perfect climate for gardening and they began their urban garden using strictly grow bags.

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Realizing grow bags allowed them to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, and more far beyond their maximum potential of a standard pot or raised pine box garden, they soon started their business Urban Hills Grow Bag Gardens with the intention of sharing with others this discovery.  Their passion and drive opened doors for a new business concept that revolves around water conservation, farm to table gardening, and integrating technology for 21st-century gardening.

In This Podcast:

Garrett Hill loved gardening using grow bags so much, he made it into a business. Today we talk about starting a business, the benefits of grow bags, how they work, and some of the cool things Garrett is growing in them. We also dive into the WiFi controlled watering system he recommends to all his clients and how it allows him to conserve water and integrate technology to improve his farm to table gardening.

Listen in and learn about:

    • How he went from growing coral in tanks to grow bags 
    • The benefits of a grow bag 
    • How grow bags work 
    • Benefits of growing trees in grow bags 
    • Growing mango trees 
    • The best surfaces for grow bags 
    • The coolest thing Garrett has grown in a grow bag 
    • WiFi controlled watering systems 

As well as: 

His failure – Originally putting his whole yard on the same watering line instead of zones. 

His success – Starting his own business. 

His drive – Why his kids and wife motivate him. 

His advice – Write down your goals and dreams and work towards them.   

Garrett’s Book recommendations: 

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein 

How to reach Garrett: 

Website: www.growbaggardens.com  

Facebook: UrbanHillsGrowBagGardens 


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