585: Eddie Badrina on Growing Vertically in Greenhouses

Transforming industrial agriculture. Exploring the future of vertical farming, we chat with Eddy Badrina about a new form of technology that can be a viable solution for creating a regenerative food system. Eddy shares his concerns on the impacts traditional farming has on the environment and how the greenhouse technology at Eden Green can…

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439: Garrett Hill on Gardening in the 21st Century

Maximizing growing potential by gardening out of the box. – Garret Hill loved gardening using grow bags so much, he made it into a business. Today we talk about starting a business, the benefits of grow bags, how they work, and some of the cool things Garret is growing in them. We also dive into the WiFi controlled watering system he recommends to all his clients and how it allows him to conserve water and integrate technology to improve his farm to table gardening.