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516: David Holmgren on Downshifting to a Resilient Future. Part 1

Balancing the larger world context with local, practical, and creative solutions.

In This Podcast:

In part 1 of 3 we hear from David Holmgren, the co-founder of permaculture, about the birth of permaculture over 40 years ago. Learn about what inspired the concept of permaculture, permanent agriculture, working with nature, sustainability, and how to take new industry concepts and have them become widely accepted. David also discusses what it’s like when your theory takes on a life of its own and the balance of being both a fan and critic.

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We are very excited to have the co-founder of permaculture on the show today. When I got David on the call I just let him talk and it turned into a 90-minute chat, so we decided to split it into three shows. This is part 1 and if you enjoy our content please consider supporting the podcast at UrbanFarmPodcast.org
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Greg Peterson

Our Guest:

516: David Holmgren on Downshifting to a Resilient Future. Part 1Since developing permaculture with Bill Mollison in the mid-1970s, David’s local and global influence has gone beyond permaculture networks. He is a public intellectual working outside of academia, government or corporate support. His depth of thinking, design practice and teaching has been continually informed by practical experience through a lifetime of household self-reliance, voluntary simplicity, and innovative action. He has received many awards including an honorary Ph.D. from Central Queensland University.
He has written 8 books about permaculture & related topics, been a part of at least 5 other books, written multiple articles, given numerous presentations, has over 40 years of practical experience, he is an authority on the permaculture concept and how to make it work and basically – he is the guy who penned it!

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