497: Scott Brown on Chicken Feed Co-ops.

Providing organic, non-GMO, and soy-free chicken feed to local backyard farmers.

In This Podcast:

Even if you don’t own chickens, if you’ve ever considered the difference that eating organic makes, this podcast on Chicken Feed Co-ops is for you! Learn why Scott Brown is passionate about finding reasonably priced organic feed for his hens and how his plight created a community co-op. Most importantly, he shares some of the science and studies on GMO’s, soy, and organic foods. Through bioaccumulation, our food’s food is our food and he puts a whole new spin on eating well.

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Our Guest:

Scott is just a guy who started a chicken feed co-op to save money on eggs. He organized Phoenix Organic Feed, Flour and Grain, as a local buying club to get organic chicken feed at reasonable prices.  Plus as an added bonus he can specify which ingredients go into the premium USDA certified organic feeds, grains, and flours.
Phoenix Organic Feed, Flour and Grain is a local supplier of organic, non-GMO chicken feed serving Phoenix and Tucson.


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