496: Jacob Pechenik on Home Grown Salads.

Making growing healthy food at home fast, easy, and fun.

In This Podcast:

The idea of growing 20% of your own food at home can be intimidating, but Jason Pechenik found a way to make it attainable, affordable, and fool-proof. He shares how his hydroponic Farm Stand saves water, energy, shortens time to harvest, and extends growing seasons. The most amazing part of the program is the plant suggestions by zip code and continuous coaching and reminders to add water and nutrients. Listen in for a promo code and free app that helps all food growers! Don’t Miss an Episode!! Click HERE to sign up for regular podcast updates

Our Guest:

Jacob PechenikJacob is a passionate entrepreneur who has built a career around questioning and improving industry status quos. After graduating from MIT with a BS in Chemical Engineering he founded and led an early web-based B2B supply chain platform, a peer-to-peer derivatives trading platform, and a film finance and production company with over 30 film credits. But when expecting their first child, Jacob became acutely aware of limitations in our food system, and they were inspired to look into possible solutions. This passion led them to found The Farm Project, a Public Benefit Corporation whose mission is to transform our food system by engaging and empowering consumers. With Jacob as Founder and CEO, The Farm Project launched the hit web series “Your Food’s Roots” in partnership with ATTN: in 2017. And in the spring of 2019, the company launched Lettuce Grow, an initiative that empowers everyone to grow 20% of their own food at home.

Listen in and learn about:

    • The life event that made Jacob aware of access to healthy food
    • Running a certified organic aquaponic farm in Texas
    • The Farm project and how it empowers and reconnects consumer to their food
    • The Lettuce Grow project and how it makes it fun and easy for people to grow their own food
    • How their hydroponic “farm stand” growing device (made of recycled ocean bound plastic) works
    • Saving water and energy with the Farm Stand
    • Growing plants 30% faster with shorter time to harvest
    • Creating extended growing seasons using the Farm Stand
    • Reactivating our ability to grow food
    • The continuous coaching they provide for their growers and the cool app that is available for everyone
    • Why their goal was to make the program accessible, affordable, and fool proof for anyone 

As well as:

    • His failure – Realizing that his Austin, TX farm was not compatible with the current food system without changing the system.
    • His success – His children and nurturing them to take care of the world.
    • His drive – Uplifting humanity and finding solutions that make an impact.
    • His advice – Follow your heart and start before you are ready!

Jacob’s Book recommendations*:

“Alchemy” by Rory Sutherland

How to reach Jacob:

Website: luttucegrow.com 

Email: hello@lettucegrow.com

Special Offer:

Jacob has a special Urban Farm discount code that is good on the first 50 Farm Stands purchased by listeners. Use code FARMERGREG75 at checkout for your chance to get $75 off a Farm Stand.  We say “Thank You” to Jacob and Lettuce Grow for this offer!

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