498: Jaime Pawelek on Pollinator-Friendly Habitats.

Encouraging landscapes and gardens with plants favorited by native bees.

In This Podcast:

We’ve heard about bees on previous podcasts, but Jaime Pawelek, a taxonomist who identifies bees and unnamed species, is sure to teach you something new! We go outside of the typical honey, carpenter, and mason bee discussion and into some unique varieties like a sweat bee. Jamie shares details on how bees collect pollen and nectar, their motivation, seasonal needs, and environmental needs to bring these pollinators to your garden. Learn more on how to plant garden bees!

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Our Guest:

jaime-pawelekJaime is the owner of Wild Bee Garden Design and has been studying native bees for nearly 15 years. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Conservation and Resource Studies in 2008. At the university, she worked in the Urban Bee Lab with Dr. Gordon Frankie for several years where she learned about the close relationships of bees and plants by observing their interactions all across California.
With the information she learned, and started designing gardens full of native and drought tolerant plants for homeowners and businesses to help them create valuable pollinator habitats.  She currently works as a taxonomist identifying bees for various researchers around the country.


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