724: Phyllis Stiles on the Bee City USA Program

Appreciating the variety of pollinators that visit our gardens. – Phyllis Stiles is someone who loves to create a buzz about pollinators. She became fascinated with bees when she started keeping her own, and that led to an appreciation of and sense of responsibility for all pollinators. As she became aware of the problems they face, she decided to do something…

Monthly Garden Chat “Partnering With Nature”

“Partnering With Nature” with Farmer Greg and Special Guest Jessica Walliser of Savvy Gardening. Join us for a monthly Zoom class on a variety of Gardening Topics. Greg and a special guest will host our monthly Garden Chats focusing on new topic each month. This monthly class will take place on the last Tuesday of the month, from 5-6pm AZ time.

Jason Johns profile pic

558: Jason Johns on Saving Our Bees

Creating a relationship with tiny garden workers. Bees are a vital resource for the existence of ecosystems, yet their habitats are threatened everyday. Jason Johns is the author of several books, including his new book Save Our Bees, which shares valuable insights on how home gardeners can enhance bee populations. Listen in to learn about the importance of biodiversity, planting native flowers, urban impacts, and the inspiration behind Jason’s new book.

Ten Tips for a Thriving Pollinator Victory Garden

Make a big difference in your garden. The passion and urgency that inspired the Victory Gardens of World Wars I and II are needed today to meet another threat to our food supply and our environment—the steep decline of pollinators. Want to help pollinators and create a beautiful garden? Here are ten tips from…

557: Kim Eierman on Pollinator Victory Gardens

Calling bees, butterflies, and more to your landscape There is a lot of focus on the importance of pollinators, yet there is still a concerning decline in populations. Kim Eierman, author of The Pollinator Victory Garden, specializes in environmental horticulture, and is encouraging gardeners to…