480: Kevin Espiritu on his Apocalypse Grow Survival Challenge.

Experimenting with living off existing food sources for difficult times.

In This Podcast:

We followed up with Kevin Espiritu to hear the results of his Apocalypse Survival Challenge. Could you survive for a whole month only eating what you grow, fish, barter, or forage? Hear how Kevin used his 200 square foot gardening space, community foodscapes, and trade to nourish himself for an entire month. He gets specific on identifying what foods to grow in the 90 days prior to the challenge, how he added protein using fishing and plants, and his surprising takeaways.

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Our Guest:

His business Epic Gardening began as a way for Kevin to present gardening information in a more modern, updated way to friends and family. First came the website. Followed by YouTube, a daily podcast, and finally his social media presence on Instagram, and Facebook.
Kevin is the author of Field Guide to Urban Gardening from our friends at Quarto Publishing.  Like Greg, Kevin was a presenter on the recent Superfood Summit and loves to share gardening knowledge.

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