536: Chris McLaughlin on Raising Animals for Fiber.

536: Chris McLaughlin on Raising Animals for Fiber.

Farming for yarn and more. – In This Podcast: Not all farmers produce food. Some farm flowers, plants, or seeds. Others use their animal herd to produce fiber crops for yarn and textiles. Chris McLaughlin is a fiber farmer and educator who shares all about the fascinating world of raising goats, sheep, rabbits, and…

523: DaNelle Wolford on Making More with Goats.

523: DaNelle Wolford on Making More with Goats.

Maximizing farm production with a little help from some four-legged friends. – In This Podcast: Even if you live in a city, this podcast with DaNelle Wolford will have you checking your zoning regulations on backyard goats and pigs! Listen in to learn why she loves raising Nigerian Dwarf goats, all about…

Julia Hubler headshot

445: Julia Huber on Gardening with a Plan

Homesteading with a passion and a purpose For years, Julia Hubler couldn’t find a garden planner that had it all. After running her family’s homestead of chickens, goats, and gardens, she put together a comprehensive garden planning guide and journal. Here, she paints a picture of life on her homestead. Listen in to learn why…

Chad Chase of Arrandale Farms

428: Chad Chase on Urban Farming as a Business

Building an urban farm dream – We are joined by Chad Chase, co-owner of Arrandale Farms and Urban Grounds Coffee Company. Chad has built his 2.5-acre farm from scratch, and now farms fruit trees, field crops, alpacas, and chickens. Listen in to hear how he’s building his…

147: Shawn and Beth Dougherty on Farmsteading

Greg is thoroughly impressed with the transformational successes of Shawn and Beth on their “really trashy” plot of land to the diverse, beautiful, and healthy pasture they now enjoy.  They tell their story of how they bought what they could afford were prompted to do research and replicate the methods of grazing that preceded the modern day mass production farms.